Frankie Grageda: Octomom Boyfriend, Orange Bodybuilder

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As you may have heard, Octomom has a new man in Frankie G.

Yes, Nadya Suleman, the woman with 14 kids and has been celibate for 13 years (she has to be the only human being who can claim that), has a boyfriend.

Frankie Grageda, who drops his surname in favor of G because it must sound cooler, is a 23-year-old amateur bodybuilder with Tanning Mom-esque skin.

Clearly, it's a match made in heaven:

Frankie G, Octomom Boyfriend

Video taken by TMZ showed the fitness buff welcoming her home from NYC at LAX airport Sunday. They've been together for two months, apparently.

Frankie admitted to the celeb news site that dating a chick with 14 kids makes for a different experience than he (or anyone else on Earth) is used to.

“It has its moments,” he said. “Obviously she has a lot of kids but it’s wonderful and I enjoy it. She’s a wonderful person, she has a good heart.”

Well, save for the whole Octomom porn thing.

Asked if their 13-year age difference would become an issue, Suleman, who met Frankie G in church, said: “No, I have the mind of an 18-year-old.”

And the financial sense of an 18-month-old.

As for whether they've done the deed, that's unclear. Even when she was married, Suleman said she never liked to be intimate with her husband.

"I can tell you that I never touched him physically. It was a different type of marriage,” she said this spring. “That's all I want to say about it."

"I'm the kind of person who can be with a man for years and never touch him. My mind is not wired that way. I don't need that kind of thing."

"I only had one boyfriend my whole life and I never loved him. I only wanted babies. People need sex, but I don't ... I have zero sexual interest."

These Nadya Suleman photos suggest otherwise.


I bet she will change her tune if not already on the zero tolerance sex thing. She ain't that celebate!


I bet she will change her tune if not already on zero tolerance sex thing. She ain't that celebate!


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He's doing it for the publicity, isn't he?


He's "orange" because he just finished a competition. White guys put on heavy tanning cream to improve definition during a contest.


Not sure why this story even ranks a spot, but who cares she is a very ugly tramp and he has probably shit his brains out from all the supplements he takes but together they make ugly look good.

Free britney

NOTE @Bluebonnet corrected our initial mistake. We reported his surname as Gonzales (as did ABC News, which first reported it) when this article was first live. Sorry for the confusion!


Wonder how long it'll be before we hear about how the Civil Rights of "orange folk" are being violated?!? Will we need to make special provisions for their kind in our entitlement programs? Should we expect the emergence of the "Orange Panthers", safe-keeping guardians of their kind? If these pumpkin-shaded people are stopped at airports for a pat down should we expect that they will claim to be victims of profiling? Will we soon hear racially derogatory slurs being callously thrown at these oranged-skinned people such as..."punkin' head", yam-yokels, or cheezy crackers??? Geez, another minority to tiptoe around in the name of political correctness! Suppose Holder will open up a discrimination hotline for them as well!


Well 2 things are apparent. He is interested after the fact of the porn movie, and they say body builders who take steroids (and it certainly looks like he might) have small genitals, and little to no sex drive, so they are a match made in heaven! And to bluebonnet: Learn to read. The article clearly state his name as Gregeda and NOT Gonzales.


Although Frankie G (ugh, it hurt to write that) looks like the type to be a spray-tan addict, remember that bodybuilding competitors paint themselves with ultra-super-fake molasses-colored bronzer so they don't wash out under stage lights. So please please pay off the paparazzi to splash him with a bucket of dish water so we can see if he's actually olive green under all that gunk.

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