Madonna Swastika Use: Run Back in Paris, Likely to Result in Lawsuit

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It's all fun and games until someone flashes a Swastika in concert.

During a concert in Tel Aviv earlier this year, Madonna aired a video that included a shot of the infamous Nazi symbol, using it as a way to call out National Front leader Marine Le Pen, a political leader with extraordinarily conservative views.

She then did so again in Paris on Saturday, with 70,000 attendees looking on, and will likely now face legal consequences.

Le Pen is expected to take Madonna to court, according to The Guardian, deeming the act a "public insult."

Said National Front Vice President Florian Philippot:

"We cannot accept everything. We cannot accept this insulting connection. Marine Le Pen is defending her honor, but also that of party members and supporters and the millions of Front National voters."

No legal documents have been filed yet, but circle August 21 on your calendar, music/gossip fans: Madonna returns to France on that date for a concert in Nice.


Kasey Chase the porn start has two Swastika tatoo's. Why is there so much hate in the world?


This pisses me off. It may have been ok when she was younger, but she should know better by now not to show her privates to strangers and to not put signs that some people would find offensive into a concert.


Seems to me the crowed loved it and seriously, it only looked like Madonn's face with a bunch of morphing going on and you can't really tell if it's "calling out" one person or another specifically. Conservative politicians are all a**holes anyway, who cares.




When Madonna was young she got the attention by practically flashing her VJJ or offending religious figures. Now the old girl need to keep that wrinkled flesh under wraps so she's got to dig at the bottom of the barrel. Maybe she should just bow out gracefully and enjoy her millions in private.


Mud, is really an a@#hole!!!!!!!


I enjoyed her 80's hits.

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