Kyle Glover, Stepson of Usher, Declared Brain Dead Following Jet Skiing Accident

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Usher and Tameka Foster have been squaring off in court for weeks now, but a tragedy over the weekend will likely cause a ceasefire between the former couple.

Kyle Glover, Foster's 11-year old son and Usher's stepson, has been declared brain dead by doctors following a jet skiing accident on Saturday.

Divorced Duo

The tragic incident took place on Lake Lanier in Atlanta, as Kyle was struck by the vehicle while riding in an inner tube. He was immediately taken to the hospital and placed in critical condition.

Foster accompanied her child there and has remained by his side, while Usher arrived last night. They received the news today that no brain activity has been detected from Kyle since yesterday.

The Department of Natural Resource in Atlanta is investigating the accident.

Our thoughts go out to Tameka, Usher and all of Kyle's loved ones during this horrific time.

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Rest in peace little kyle glover. May the angels keep you safe in the arms of jesus. May all that love you find some peace in the days to come


Prayers going out to Tameka, Usher, and Ryan (Kyle's bio dad) also his brothers I know they are all hurting really bad. I pray for comfort for them and that they stay in prayer in this sad time. To Kathy its a time for prayer not worrying about who is who...lets use all our energy to send up prayers thats what they need the most.


wow imso sorry to hear this news may god be with the family


Our continued prayers are with and for you entire family at this time..God bless precious Kyle...


Just hearing the news today, my heart goes out to Kyle's family. In addition, from now on, the rest of these comments should never exclude Kyle's "FATHER." IT IS SO DISRESPECTFUL to say "USHER, USHER, USHER..." WHILE EXCLUDING KYLE'S FATHER. That is so DISRESPECTFUL. That is absolutely "rude." You're saying God this and God that as if you have a heart, but how can you...when you don't even say ANYTHING about Mr. Glover, himself. Please stop saying just Usher, Usher, Usher. KYLE'S FATHER is in so much PAIN right now, so lets not make it worse on him by not even including him. Besides, don't you think Usher's heart is going out to Mr. Glover more than himself. Come on now. Will the rest of you please acknowledge Mr. Glover. THAT IS KYLE'S FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BLOOD OF JESUS...PLEASE


Don't give up hope. Sending prayers for the wee one.


My prayers are with the family. I know that is ushers stepson but why is no one sending prayers to his real father.


My prays go out for kyle.....n to your mom tameka foster n ryan glover his biological dad which everyone has seem to forget


My thoughts and prayers go out to Usher\Tameka and all the family during these trying times. My angels be by.his side and surround his bed.and help.with his recovery


It's just that u pple don't go to church & u don't even believe in God. Try God & see how gracious he is to those that seek him in FAITH, he has done it 4 my younger brother when he had mental problem, today we are living testimony so seek him NOW.