Tameka Foster to Use Usher Stalker Against Ex in Court

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Usher has an alleged stalker.

But instead of showing concern for the father of her kids, a new report states that Tameka Foster will use this frightening fact to her advantage in court. Here's how:

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As previously reported, Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw recently made her way on to Usher's property, finally getting arrested after claiming she was married to the hip hop star and lying to police about misplacing her keys.

In her custody battle with the artist, sources tell TMZ that Foster plans to bring up this incident in order to prove that her children are not safe with their dad, who resides in a gated community and employs a security team.

It's merely the latest tactic in Foster's fight against Usher. She has already accused the singer of drug use and infidelity in attempt to gain custody.

The ugly hearing between these exes resumes in August.


Smh tamike wouldn't like it if ppl.was saying that she wasn't watching her son when he had the accdient.usher is a good person that made a mistake in breeding with your welfare fraud a&&. Let this man be a father too his kids ,and not a pay check to you. By the way don't she still owe welfare some money?


My heart goes to kyle... But tameka is a b***h... God dnt like ugly. Everything happen for a reason... Even doe what happend to kyle shouldnt happen da way it did. But we no its god work. Showing tameka how it feel to lose a child. Cause dats how usher been feeling with her crazy drama. All those guilt people puting on usher need to stop. Cause dat h*e got money and usher is not kyle father. Hey dats what tameka so call friend is tell TMZ rite so leave usher da f**k alone. Im sick of dis sh*t. Usher need to stop leting tameka and da rest of da world make him feel like he da bad guy and he old tameka a damn thing ok!


Tamika, really? do you really think that Usher would put his boys in danger? Drugs, I have never heard never heard of him dealing with any drugs. I know women feel scorned after a breakup, but you should be a bigger person that this.

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