Kristen Stewart Cheating with Rupert Sanders: More Photos!

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Turn away, Robert Pattinson. Turn away right now!

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    stuart is damaging girl. there is no depend on stuart. i thing that she is fucking lady.her should be to this job. actually come on right way.


    I didn't mean 2 b so hard on her but hey ur, young, rich, I suppose it's up 2 u how 2 live ur life. I just liked seeing her with Rob on & off the screen I think they make a great couple is all. Love is so hard 2 come by these days but hey that's all


    Kristen Stewart is a fucking stupid slut. I know she's young & all but if ur gonna cheat on someone at least break up with them 1st! Especially if u have a very good thing going & 2 mess with a man with a family well there's one word HOMEWRECKER BITCH!


    I'm sure you're even uglier.


    This is ridiculous. this girl just looks like an ugly version of Kristen; they are clearly are two different people.


    Considering her acting skills, I'm pretty sure this is how she gets all her roles.


    i FEEL LIKE she dosent deserve him... She looked really happy when she was doing it all of a sudden she davastated.. YEA RIGHT...HE IS REALLY GOOD LOOKING GUY & I DONT THINK HE SHOULD WASTE HIS LIFE A ON A GIRL LIKE HER MOVE ONNNNNNNNN ROBERTTT


    I never really liked her.


    Some people are pathological cheaters. They are incapable of remaining faithful to anyone. They move from one relationship to the next.

    My first wife cheated on me very early in the marriage. I moved out, moved on, and never looked back. Fortunately, we didn't have children nor assets over which to argue. I hear she's on her 3rd marriage, and she cheats on him. He's a cuckold.

    I have been married for 16 years to a devoted wife. I have never even thought of doing anything to damage our marriage. We have 3 beautiful children.


    Ease up people. Age does matter although it's not an excuse. Understanding that mistakes happen and agreeing with them is two different things. Her acting ability has nothinng to do with her indiscretion. It's very black and white to say that every woman who cheats is a lying cheating whore. I'm sure all of you have made mistakes in your life except your mistakes aren't publicized for everyone to judge. What if your worst moment was put ont on display to the world. I'm a person that understands the gray areas in life. Dont be so quick to judge. Sometimes good people make bad descions.

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