Kelly Clarkson Sets American Idol Single Record

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She's the American Idol champion! Again!

Based on new figures that came out on July 4, Kelly Clarkson is responsible for the top-selling single of anyone ever associated with the Fox smash, as Billboard reports "Stronger" has sold 3,510,000 copies.

Take that, Carrie Underwood!

Okay, we actually adore Carrie Underwood, but it's that artist's mark that Clarkson broke. The previous best-selling single had been "Before He Cheats," which moves 3,509,000 copies in 2006.

Overall, Underwood remains in the lead as the most popular Idol ever, however. She has moved 13,205,000 total albums as of yesterday, while Kelly is closing in with 11,664,000.

Which of these talented artists is your favorite?


Kelly is biger world wide.Carrie, reba m,may be biq in the states and canada but have not sold a cd anywhere else.Your big when u sell music worldwide.kelly..


...Kelly,I very like you songs....Fantastic songs...:)


Adam Lambert is my all time favorite of American Idol, I have watched since Kelly won the 1st season. Carrie is also an outstanding performer, I'm just not a country music fan.


Im a kelly fan,seeing her talent on the 1st season was awesome, it also reminds me of a show that was once real, and not fixed, im talking about American Idol. I also like Kelly because she isnt phony, she has real issues, weight problems, etc, she never tries to sugar coat her problems. I like performers who are not only talented but real


Carrie will always be the best idol. She is real, talented, and of course an Okie... which makes her the real deal....


Love them both but kelly has won me over seeing her great vocal talent on duets.she gives me chills

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