Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Lip Service and Dominican Drama, Part II

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On this week's Keeping Up with the Kardashians, tensions boiled over between Scott and ... well, everybody, while Kris received an unwelcome surprise.

Last week, we saw the beginnings of a Scott Disick and Bruce Jenner feud. Last night was certainly no different, as the former grew increasingly bitter.

Also, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian wore bikinis a lot.

Come along for THG's +/- Keeping Up rekap!

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Scott and Rob bust into Kendall and Kylie Jenner's suite with Rob Kardashian to scare them in the middle of the night. Pretty funny. Plus 10.

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner's lip is so swollen from an allergic reaction that she looks like a Heidi Montag plastic surgery victim. Ouch. Minus 20.

"It's God punishing you for giving Todd your email," Bruce says. OWNED! Plus 90.

Bruce and Scott have more in common than they think, though. While Bruce was making passive-aggressive digs like that, Scott was ... okay, there's nothing passive about plain refusing to get out of bed because you're pissed. Minus 10.

Hangover, schmangover, he's just sick of them all. Minus 5.

When he finally emerges, Disick immediately is criticized by the fam. "This is exactly why I didn't want to get out of bed. I have all these people nagging me at all times. I feel like I'm going to lose my mind." Dude, we feel ya. Plus 10.

Scott has had enough and he packs a bag and leaves! Or at least pretends to, as the producers are often compelled to make him. Minus 15.

Bruce decides he will step up and try to help, while burying the hatchet with Scott: "I just want to be able to say something to kind of help him out and [teach Scott] how to deal with people. Life's too short," Jenner says. Plus 5.

"Yeah, and life's too short for you to sit around wondering if I saw my ex-boyfriend again or not," Kris interjects. Touche, Bruce. Touche. Plus 10.

Then the light bulb goes on. Bruce apologizes and plants a make-up kiss on his better half, gigantic upper lip and all. Plus 10 for those two.

Scott shockingly reveals that ... he wants to marry Kourtney and he refuses? And he's scared every single day that she'll leave him? Minus 15.

Plus 5 for Mason's little beach outfit, incidentally.

And Plus 5 more for Kim Kardashian's bikini.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Cast Pic

And Plus 10 more for Kourtney's, even though she's very pregnant and some viewers were probably grossed out. She's always beautiful.

Disick rallies and comes to the family dinner in the end. Plus 15. Now it's time for Kourt to step up and and reassure the guy, which she does.

Not that all is well, necessarily, after that.

"The whole reason I had another kid with you is because you agreed to get married if we had another," he reveals. "You broke the contract, you broke the deal, I'm not going to keep trying with you forever." Whoa. Minus 15.

She does buy Scott a commitment bracelet, at least? Eh, Minus 40.

"The fact that she [Kourtney] told me in front of her whole family how much she loves me makes me feel good," Scott says later. "And it's a very cute idea."

"This love bracelet ... it obviously doesn't go with my gold accessories, but if it did I'd always wear it." Brings a tear to your eye. Plus 10.


Kellie m

Y'all do realize the show is scripted and that none of it is real, right???


What was the name of the song, they danced to at the end? Thanks


Disick is right. The family never, ever leave him alone (and it can be very uncomfortable to watch). I am amazed he has any confidence left with all the goading and digging he has had to endure over the years. Instead of constantly criticising him Kris, for one, should have put her energy into disciplining Khloe who has a filthy mouth, is disrespectful and is a terrible bully. At least Disick is a good, hands-on father who obviously loves his partner and is gentle with her. They should count their blessings that he is in the family as I, for one, am very surprised he hasn't left. Goodness only knows what his parents think when they watch the programme with Kris and Bruce deciding it is their job to 'bring him up'. Who on earth do they think they are.


I can’t believe Scott and Kourtney are still arguing over getting married! Plus, there’s nothing like a Scott storm-off during Kardashian vacation time. Luckily I recorded it on my Hopper system and was able to start watching the recording in my living room and continue watching in my kitchen. I’m thankful my coworker at Dish suggested this upgrade. I’m able to get a lot of work done while watching my recordings!


Not sure why the family bash's Scott, when Bruce is so whipped by Kris and all he does is stay home by himself, watch the 2 younger girls "so to speak" and play taxi..K,K,K respect him more than his own wife. Does she ever invite him to go anywhere with her.. Oh hell no, maybe if she could give him his credit card back he might be able to buy new clothes.

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