Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Scott Disick and Bruce Jenner are Just Friends!

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On Sunday night's installment of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the gang went on an extra special, totally relaxing, not at all staged family vacation.

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    This is only making Kim look worse and they are tiynrg to promote her new show based on bashing Kris H who has all of us feeling sorry for him and now we don't need to watch. We are all boycotting that show that comes out Nov.27 a Sunday. Another fake publicity stunt.Kids! we need the kids to boycott anything Jenner or Kardashian they drive up the ratings. Block E! Channel. don't allow it on in your house.


    Very interesting episode I must say, talk about Kardashian family dysfunction at its finest. I can’t believe that Scott and Bruce still can’t get along, it seems that by now they should be buddies, since they are in the same family after all. Kourtney and her fickleness has not surprised me though, seems like she’s always been very particular. I never miss the show thanks to my Dish Remote Access app that my coworker at Dish suggested I download. I’m able to watch the Kardashians on my train ride to work, from my iPhone, it saves me so much time!




    Kris is gross pe-riod!


    OMG I can't stomach the Trashian family, but to me the worst is that disgusting pimp mother.... Now she's actually cheating on her husband, and thinks it's OK> What planet is this moron from anyway?? God i just wish she would disappear off the face of the earth. She is the worst mother ever. HATE HATE HATE THIS BITCH> PERIOD>>>>>>>>>>>>


    Y do u people read, write, and watch things about the Kardashians if all u want to do is yet them down.... Stupid


    You are so on it, TexasGirl.
    And so funny too,
    COOL !


    On set: 'OK, Bruce you sit her, Kris you sit there.  No, no, Khloe you need to sit at the kiddie table.  Ready? And ACTION. Cut!  Bruce you need to move your face when you talk.  Use your hands or something. Now remember on the count of 3 everybody yell LIAR and leave Kris alone at the table to fake cry. Ready?  1..2..3...'

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