Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Regrets: Fallen Star Would Take it All Back

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After she famously underwent 10 procedures in one day, Heidi Montag went on to become the poster child for terrifying, almost laughably bad plastic surgery.

At least she realizes that now. She says she regrets it every day.

“Getting lipo is my biggest regret,” Heidi told In Touch of her least favorite among dozens of body-contouring procedures. “I can’t believe I did this to myself.”

Heidi Montag, Breasts
GG-iant Boobs
Gaunt and Plastic

While Heidi, 25, has worked hard to lessen the dimpling with a strict diet and exercise regimen ... the Heidi Montag pictures above tell you all you need to know.

“I’m so insecure,” the wife of Spencer Pratt (they're still married) says.

Heidi also strongly discourages anyone from going down that road. “Try to lose weight and eat healthily,” she says. “It’s less painful, cheaper and more beneficial.”

Exhibit A: The Hills cast photo below. Look at Heidi's real face and body!

The Hills Cast

Just another dumb blonde under the impression that she has to look like barbie to be pretty, white women are vain for no reason at all, she looks hideous and why would anyone hate on that?


Heidi felt the need and the pressure to be and look perfect from us. So she tried to in fact become perfect, by getting plastic surgery. And Heidi has told us all that she regrets this, so why is everyone being so rude?? She is still gorgeous and always has been! She is the same Heidi with or without the plastic surgery.


what did you do to yourself Heidi?you look so fake and ugly now,you used to look good, you look disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!with all thsese surgeries!all your friends are laughing at you!


All's I have to say is, it must be nice to be so rich, bored and so completely wrapped up in yourself to have not only 1, but more than 10 procedures done on ypur body that already was anorexic and plastic looking!! What the hell does she do that is actually productive or worth while? Whatever bad shit happens to her by being with that loser spencer, she completely deserves! If anything, he needs a surgery to reduce his mr. Ed, shit-eating grin!


Honestly, I could care less about Heidi or her idiot husband, but I wanted to see this article to find out if she's still completely useless and washed-up, and was very happy to find the answer is yes. Also, while the article doesn't mention if she and Satan are still broke and have no career prospects, I sincerely hope the answer to that is also yes.


I love Heidi yea she was misinformed wtf ever we all make mistakes!
People shouldn't be putting her down she knows she made a mistake.
Anyway I love her she's beautiful quit hating.


Lose what weight, I swear I watched her from Laguna Beach all th eway to The Hills and she has always look hungry if anything. She couldnt afford to lose any weight. Clear example of what Hollywood does to impressionable young women with money.


The shit that must come into a persons mind to find it benifiting to F*ck up your body while still in your early 20's- amazing! How arrogant- vain- conceited and self centered can one be. Only an insecure fame HO- a Paris Hilton or Karshitian wanna be could compare. Bitch needs to find a job and get a life - then apologize to anyone she has ever come in contact with.

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