Karen Klein Donation Tally: HOW MUCH?!?

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A few weeks ago, bus driver Karen Klein was harassed by students in ways that were inexplicably horrendous. They mocked the 69-year old to no end, at one point even saying her kids should commit suicide because she's so ugly.

It was an experience no one should ever go through... but there is a silver lining, and it's covered in wads of cash.

Karen Klein Photo

Very soon after video of Klein's bullying went viral, Internet users started to collect donations for the victim. Within 24 hours, $9,000 was raised to send Klein on a much-needed vacation.

But the story spread and the money kept pouring in. And we now appear to have a final tally for the amount that total strangers gave to this mocked bus monitor: $703,873. That's not a typo.

The seventh grade boys responsible for the taunts have all been suspended for an entire school year. They've also been ordered to complete a bullying prevention program. Let's all hope they learn a valuable lesson.

And let's all hope Klein makes the most out of this windfall. We might not go as far as to say the vindictive mockery was worth it, but... well... $703,873!!!


I am so happy for you getting some compensation for what those awful boys did to you. I was wondering if you would help a couple on FB that is trying to bring over 3 orphans from Lativa to spend the holidays in America. They are trying to raise $9000 for this and are doing all kinds of things to raise the money, but haven't had much luck. You could remain anonymous if you choose,they are Ryan Dawson and his wife, Sarah(Wardrip) Dawson and if you look for their profiles you can read their story about these children and see their pictures. It is a shame these bad boys were so awful to you but you could help these children find a family who would love and care for them. I have hope there are some very good people left that can help maybe you will be one. Thankyou!


Wow amazing the chip some of these commentators have over this woman getting some money for her horrible experience. First of all SHE NEVER ASKED FOR THE MONEY AND SECOND SO WHAT IF SHE GOT IT, The whole world got a taste of how disrespectful and downright hateful American children can be and I am sure if they read some of these ignorant comments they would surely understand why the children of this country behave the way they do...Disgusting


So let me get this straight Josh... You're happy for her but then you resort to name calling 1 paragraph later? It wasn't pertinent to the story what country the person who began raising funds for this woman lived in. The donations came from all around the world. The omission of that fact doesn't make all Americans ignorant anymore than your comment makes all Canadians (or any other country you may or may not be from) ignorant. Btw- Americans, in this case, does not require an apostrophe.


I am really happy for her. She seems like such a sweet lady. I am really not surprised though that this website referred to the person who set up the donation form online as "internet users" and not as a Canadian from Toronto. American's are so ignorant.


Thank you @ Jess nicley put. Back you up hundred percent. A memorial fund is what they preffered.


Some of the comments on here are so sad, to insult this poor lady that had to endure that at the hands of kids, there is no respect left by this generation and it is getting worse. How about teaching your kids to treat others with respect and that bullying is such a nasty ugly thing, instead you are pretty much doing the same thing to her with your comments. I tried to watch the video and only managed 2 mins as I found it so disgusting. The man started this donation sight to help send her on a vacation but people were so touched and wanted to help her probably not have to go through something like that again. I agree that so many people are being bullied and probably deserve the same but no one decided to help them, instead they wait until its too late ans set a memorial fund. If you feel so strongly that other deserve the same do something about it. Stand up and help victims of bullying before it is too late.


Also, worth mentioning that she has said that she's giving a lot of this money away to charity... Kudos to her is right.


Ppl gave their hard earned money to her bc they wanted her to have it. Bc this incident touched the heart of ppl all over the world. She wasn't "paid" this money, it was given to her. If it means she will never have to work again then that's fabulous. Do what you want w/ your $ and let others do the same. It's not your money or your business. And what's with the What about me? Where's my money attitude? Gross, really.


Ddaammnn that's a good bit of money. Kudos to her.


Tm8: Nicely said! :)