Karen Klein Bus Bullies Slapped With One-YEAR School Suspension

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No one can accuse the Greece (N.Y.) Central School District of looking the other way when it comes to its disciplinary response to students bullying others.

The kids who harassed Karen Klein with a 10-minute barrage of vile verbal taunts that went viral were suspended for the entire 2012-13 school year.

If you haven't seen it, this video was the reason why ...

The four seventh grade boys who bullied the 68-year-old grandmother to tears were all issued a one-year suspension from school, a one-year suspension from bus use and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service with the elderly.

They must also complete a bullying prevention program.

The four kids will be all sent to the District Reengagement Center - a special alternative education program - as the town is required to provide an education by law.

Klein received national attention after the video of the boys bullying her went viral. Sympathetic viewers donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to her.

She said from the beginning she did not want to press criminal charges, and that she felt sorry for the kids ... though she does not accept their apologies.

What do you think of the kids' punishment?


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Those children are terrible for doing that, their punishment was not enough either. That woman is strong for not wanting to sue them! I only wonder how their parents felt about their child doing something cruel like this...


Big problem in today's society. Since they r out of school have them get out of bed every morning and go into different communities to help the less fortune that will definately put a damper on their behavior.


Millie the ole bag is a human being and Jaime they have to suffer the consequences for their actions. The video brought tears to my eyes in my growing up we had to respect our elders and that's a big problem n


This punishment perfectly fits the behavior. The school they have to attend for the next year teaches respect toward authority figures, which is precisely what is needed. The school also is set up so the kids can fulfill their community service obligations. The kids still get their education. You have to wonder if people who object to this are the same ones who helicopter in to rescue their kids anytime anyone dare punish their childrens' bad behavior no matter how outrageous. I can guarantee that was not the first time those children bullied someone. It's probably the first time they got caught though! My childrens' school even had a parent who complained that her child (a bully) was being bullied after classmates stuck up for the victim (a disabled student) by surrounding the bully and telling her to "go home bully. Bullies aren't allowed here." Seriously! How do children learn not to bully unless bullying is made unpleasant?


Not harsh enough- they should be n jail. Nothing but punk ass brats. They need to be n a cell with big bubba.


Ok not too harsh. I live in the south and respecting your elders is rule number 1. If they had done that to my grandma... well lets just say that she would pull them over her knee and those boys wouldnt have been able to sit own for a month. Serious lack of respect...


They need to be browbeaten a few times for good measure ... Old school


Did some of you not read that they ARE still going to be attending school? They are suspended from THAT particular school to be sent to another. I don't believe it is too harsh. They threatened to kill her with a knife. They could have easily gotten jail time for a threat to kill someone. I hope none of you are parents. Absurd.


Sorry but this punishment is WAY TOO HARSH! These boys need to have consequences but they also need their education! I hope she puts all that money to good use and not personal use!


Missing school might make some of them happy.

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