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This is depressing. A bunch of kids harass an elderly school bus monitor so hard that she cries. Fortunately, Internet users have pooled together money to send her on vacation.

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Woww..... I know I'm late to respond but damn. See this is the main problem, I mean yea there kids and I remember not being the perfect child growing up and having a few slip ups. But my parents would have beaten my ass and washed my mouth out with soap if I spoke back to them or wrongfully to another adult. A lot of it comes down to lack of parenting, I teach my children as my parents did me (nothing physical) but I can see, as they are just children, them feeding off one another and getting carried away or what not but kids will be kids and people mess up. Not saying they shouldn't be punished but I know everyone has messed up before and learn from their mistakes.


This erks me the most. I couldn't even watch the rest of this video it made me sick I'm really surprised the bus driver didn't say shit and the kids just say back and watched if I was on that bus i wouldve beat the living shit out of them the 1 thing our country lost that didnt had to do with the economy or politics is respect for our elders this is serious just wanted to ugh...... I can't put it into words it's so bad


I couldn't even watch the entire video. This shit makes me sick to my fucking stomach! I swear, I wish I could have been on the bus with those fucking kids. They need they fucking shit beat out of them. And suspension? That's all they get. How about someone harass them and humiliate them? Or better about someone whoop their fucking ass!! Teens these days think they're so bad ass...obviously they haven't had a proper ass whooping by their parents yet! My son is only 3 years old but I swear, the first time he tells m that someone is bullying him...I'm going to handle that shit myself because obviously the schools don't do shit!


This bugs me so much ... it actually makes me cry too. I'm in the 7th grade too and I don't see any kids at my school bullying but I guess it's different for other schools. Those boys need to think before they speak! It is actually my BIGGEST pet peeve to see kids harassing adults, no joke. One time a few boys in my class called a p.e. substitute gay because he was wearing a turtle neck and supposably sounded feminine. Also a few 8th graders saw a Russian couple on a walk on a 90° day with sun hats on, and they shouted out, "Nice cowboy hats! Hahaha" it was so painful to watch I couldnt bare to watch the rest ;(


the majority of the kids their age and high school act this way, I see this everyday to a more or lesser extent. I can't stand it anymore, frankly.


This is so horrible. I would never talk to my elders like that. Poor sweet lady. Those kids need help. I know if I ever back talked or harassed someone I would have gotten a bad punishment. She does not deserve this. M glad she is going on a vacation. Those kids need more punishment. Being suspended from school doesn't solve anything.


SHAKEN MY HEAD!!!! Wow I am shocked my jaw dropped when I seen this. How could they disrespect sumone llike that let alone a sweet women like her.that's ashame what if the shoe was on the other foot .how would these kids feel if it were their parents or grandmother bein so disrespected??? This is craziii their consequences for their actions aren't even good enough they should go to jail also be on probation. What if this women killed herself because of these lil assholes? Would their conseq


In almost every comment Ive read about this video someone is blaming the parents of these children, and even though I agree these kids SHOULD HAVE been taught better and deserve to be punished for their behavior, I DO NOT agree it is completely the parents fault. I mean how are parents supposed to teach their children anything when the government tells us we cant discipline them in a manner which has proven effective for generation?! These kids need a good old fashion a**whooping... How many of our parents wouldve allowed any of US to speak to ANYONE in such a manner?! Let alone one of our elders or someone in a position of authority over us? And who's 'grandmother' would ever allow a CHILD to speak to her in such a way? Let alone let it make her cry?! I know MY grandma wouldve NEVER allowed such behavior from ANYONE, much less from a CHILD!


Thats not right i just got out of 7th grade and i saw this video on youtube and it almost brought me to can these kids not have a guilty consions? I get a guilty consionce wen i tell my mom not to touch my michael jackson CDs this makes me sick i would never act like that to anyone and im the same age as them kids.They would have to be heartless to act like that to an elderly woman. I dont no wat else to say im shocked at how heartless a person can be.


That is horrible to watch.. makes me sick to my stomach... thats really sad to know that children can act that way and not have a conscious in doing so... Where are their parents I wonder??? In hiding do to the shame their children have placed upon them... These kids need to be punished and taught a lesson on RESPECT and HOW TO BE RESPECTFUL!

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