Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick: Dating!

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Jessica Sanchez took part in an Internet U Stream chat yesterday and while the American Idol runner-up touched on various aspects of that show and her career, it was a personal revelation that has fans buzzing today:

The singer is dating DeAndre Brackensick!

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“I got a secret and I want you guys to guess. I’ll nod if it’s no or yes,” Sanchez told fans during the interview.

After one asked if she had a boyfriend, Jessica answered in the affirmative, referred to Deandre by name and replied: “Hahah. He’s my boyfriend. Love you guys. Byeeee!”

The new couple is performing all summer long, alongside eight other Season 11 finalists, on the American Idol tour.

On the professional front, meanwhile, Sanchez may guest star on Glee this season.

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I think DeAndre and Jessica make an adoreable couple!!


i knew it. they are perfect for each other. i love Jessica and i love Deandre, but who knew my favorites would go together
and i gotta say u both are awesome at singing!!!!! i love Jessica Sanchez!!!!!1


oh really?! Oh i thought Jess is still our (Filipinos) baby girl.......:( but it's okay cause she will now have a new inspiration to work harder in her music career! We love you Jess! We cant wait for u to be here in the Philippines! :)


Weird because I had a dream last night that they were well dreams do come true


That's great me and brother both thought they end up together. And all the Nagative stuff has to stop like really come and grow up.


Deandre is mine. Jessica, stay away from him...


I can't really decide whether i am happy or not, its just a numbing feeling, i love deandre soooooo much he is my one and only idol, and i love jessica so much she is a great singer. but i never would have thought in a million years that they would have feelings for each other! Ahhh. Anyway i saw the news on instagram and i saw jessicas ustream comment thing and out of nowhere she says 'deandre is my boyfriend' and i was like holy freaknugget this isn't happening right now! Idk if they are happy then i am happy too:) and btw he is not gay otherwise he would have been dating joshua instead of Jessica. Get it right. thanx:]


He is gay.He is a femy guy.I think it is sick when a guy hides his sexuality.


and they call it puppy love, but we never forget our first:) happy for Jessica!!Deandre is a lucky guy, who also is a perfect gentleman.What they have is special, friendship that devloped to something more beautiful. To both of them, have fun, be happy stay grounded.Don't rush into anything, you are both very young,so much you can do w/ your respective career & personal lives.