Jessica Sanchez to Guest Star on Glee?

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Who sings a better ballad, Jessica Sanchez or Lea Michele?

Television viewers may be able to answer this question later this year, as sources confirm that the American Idol runner-up is nearing a deal to guest star on Glee Season 4.

Details are unknown at this time and Sanchez would not appear until around midseason because she could not start shooting until the American Idol Live tour is finished in September.

But TV Line claims Jessica will stop by multiple episodes and either get involved with Michele's Rachel in New York or the core singing group in Ohio. She'd be the latest big name to play a role on Glee, with Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker already signed on for the new season.

The only question remaining: Does Glenn Beck think Jessica Sanchez will make Glee more horrifying or less horrifying?

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Jessica Sanchez is over the top!!!!!
You will be perfect for Glee!!!!!!! I LOVE JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!


- You guys are phenomenal, I love that you totllay got their personalities. love, love, love! Jess and Tim, you look great. Jake and Jess, you are truly blessed with great talent, I am so in love with your work and am so glad we chose you for our wedding a year ago. I can still look back and recall every minute of that day thanks to your commitment to your work. Thank you, thank you! I am so excited to see what you guys do with this adorable couple. Love and blessings!


she's perfect for the show..she deserve it..go JESSICA!


Jessica is perfect for Glee!
Go go go, Jessica!
I can't wait to see you!


Both Glee and Jessica will benefit from this joint effort. Glee will gain millions of Jessica's youtube viewers and Jessica will sell more of her debut album thanks to this huge exposure. This is a WIN-WIN situation for both parties. I can not wait to watch the show and buy her first album. She deserves this opportunity.


Jessica Sanchez duhhhhhhh !! Glee is so lucky to have Jessica as addition to the casts.


of course Jessica Sanchez is better than lea michele hands down!! Glee is lucky to have the amazing talented Jessica to the cast.. the best singer/artist !


Cannot wait


Uhm.. No challenge. LEA MICHELE. Jessica is not right for glee and I hope she isn't on glee. Just my opinion.


Just love her. Jessica will always beat all odds. She's strong, smart, and does not mind what people say behind her. She just wants to stay focus on her career and enjoy life. I hope all people would do the same-it would be a great if we all do...