Happy 26th Birthday, Lindsay Lohan!

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Lindsay Lohan celebrates her 26th birthday today. Happy b-day girl! She looks closer to 46, but hey. Let's just be happy she's still around at all!

The way things have been going, you can't take that for granted.

It seems nary a day goes by when we don't report on Terry Richardson's Lindsay Lohan gun photos, or how she's back in court, or crashing her car, or having paramedics called to her hotel room because she's exhausted.

Lindsay Lohan Gun Picture

Lindsay Lohan summed up in one image.

In addition to her work as a perennial celebrity gossip all-star, LiLo is still a working actress believe it or not. She will soon star in Lifetime's Liz & Dick.

Can you see Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor? Apparently the network can, and is willing to take a chance on the train wreck / ratings machine.

In honor of her 26th milestone, which some people are surprised she lived to see, here are just some of our many favorite Lindsay Lohan pictures ...

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots
Lindsay Lohan Breasts Pic
Sad Lindsay
Lindsay Lohan in a Tight Dress
Failing to Be Sexy
Lindsay Lohan, Yellow Sunglasses
Lindsay Lohan Lips
Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth Taylor Photo
Lohan in a Blue Suit
Lindsay Lohan's Smile
Lindsay's Teeth
Lindsay Lohan Nude: Playboy
Lindsay Lohan in New York Magazine
Lindsay Lohan Nude
Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot: Reloaded!

If she joins the 27 club, it'll be because she wanted to be known for something other than her crap movies. Seriously, how long ago was Mean Girls? And it's still the movie quoted by the media in relation to LiHo and her 'career'.


Aww poor Lindsay, It's sad that she's a drug addict, it's sad that she steels even though I'm sure she has money, and it's sad that her appearance has changed somewhat, but I still have her CD, I love the songs on that CD, I have DVD's of shows that she acts in, like Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and mean girls and stuff and she was brilliant in those shows so I guess, I'm actually lost for words, she has let a lot of her fans down but hopefully she'll get back on track and be the Lindsay Lohan I know is better.


Who else is betting she'll be in the 27 club? I feel like this train wreck that used to be Lindsay Lohan will make much more of an impression with a tragic demise than with her lackluster acting skills. Harsh, but true.


I feel sorry for-she'll do the worst stuff for attention & then wonders why her rep is so terrible. I hope this year she takes enuf time to look in not out.


Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Great Post!!! Christian - get off the internet.


judging from the pixs she really wants to be a one trick pony. so boring. her looks are already starting to go and all she wants to be is sexy sexy sexy not a good sexy but a cheesy sexy. boring and poster child for daddie issues.


You guys are assholes!

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