Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor: A Train Wreck Becomes an Icon

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When Lindsay Lohan first walked onto the set of Lifetime’s Liz & Dick dressed as screen legend Elizabeth Taylor, people were astonished at the resemblance.

"There was an audible gasp,” the movie’s costume designer, Salvador Perez, who gets a boatload of the credit, tells People. “You’d swear it was Elizabeth.”

Occasional Lindsay Lohan wardrobe malfunction aside, the actress looked remarkably like her screen idol with the aid of vintage clothes, hair and makeup.

“She just walked into the clothes and became Elizabeth Taylor,” says Perez.

Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth Taylor Photo

Producer Larry Thompson, with a precise attention to detail, had some of Taylor’s most famous bling, including the 33-carat Krupp diamond, recreated for the film.

Lohan’s hair and makeup will span all of Taylor’s looks, from the long lashes and red lips of the 1950s (attained using M.A.C’s “Hot Tahiti” lipstick) plus Liz's Cleopatra-inspired eyeliner and nude mouth of the ’60s to her teased ’80s bouffant.

“Part of the magic is the wardrobe,” he says. “but Lindsay brings magic to the movie.”

High praise. Many of the vintage dresses fit her like a glove, too; Lindsay Lohan’s waist measures a tiny 23 inches, while Taylor’s was a mere 22 inches.

Lohan will wear 66 different looks in the 80-minute biopic, which begins in 1961, ends with Richard Burton’s (True Blood's Grant Bowler) death in 1984.

The film focuses on their tumultuous relationship (an affair while she was still married, two weddings and two divorces), giving them plenty of material.


The black and whites are stunning and look like Liz, the problem is the shape of her face, Linds is too long, but I think with lighting on TV she will be convincing, a lot is riding on her acting ability and how Liz talked when she was young, she had a breathy almost Southern voice and when she cursed it was a little throaty, and she opened up her eyes, they should do some of it in black and white, and some in color, I'll be looking at make-up hair, and her gorgeous wardrobe, and Jewelry.


I don't understand how Lindsay Lohan could have ever been considered for this part. Maybe she agreed to do it cheaper than anyone else! Personally I think Courteney Cox would have made a better attempt at pulling off the iconic beauty of Liz Taylor!


I'm happy for lohan. Maybe she can recoup her career. She's no liz. but it takes real guts to take on this role.


Um you people need glasses. No way she looks like Liz. Liz was one of the most beautiful persons in the world. Just saying


I'm glad for Lohan. People please stop hating on her, and stop bad mouthing Liz Taylor!


Hey don't put Liz. Down she was beautiful.yes she did marry.some dickheads!I loved her movies she was one of the show bizzz


her lips are too big and her eyes are too different to look like Elizabeth Taylor. what are these people smoking? in their dreams does she look like elizabeth taylor.


ELIZABET TAYLOR AN ICON???!! BANANAS!!Liz Taylor was a big fat TART using men and marrying them and divorcing them like changing underwear.Maybe Lindasay feels comfortable in such role....shouldnt be hard.


Sorry, looks like LiLo in vintage makeup, wig, and dress to me. I'm afraid she's a rather pale (and freckled) imitation of Liz Taylor. I mean, unless you've never SEEN Liz Taylor. Really.

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