Lindsay Lohan Gun Photos Spark Controversy

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Famed photographer Terry Richardson has caused a stir after he posted an image on his blog of troubled star Lindsay Lohan with a handgun in her mouth.

Considering who we're talking about, the imagery is shocking.

Playing with guns is never cool, of course, but when the girl doing so is the #1 seed in everyone's celebrity death pool and looks like a drugged-out mess?

That just feels wrong, but it certainly gets people talking ...

Lindsay Lohan Gun Photo

Wednesday, Richardson pulled the controversial photos of the 25-year-old star, replacing the gun pics with a new set of racy black and white images.

The sexy shots, taken inside her home away from home (the Chateau Marmont), show Lindsay in a see-through bra and underwear. Pretty standard.

Posing nude is nothing new for Lohan, who just took it all off for Playboy in an homage to Marilyn Monroe, and did a similar spread for NY Magazine years ago.

Terry is no stranger to pushing the envelope either. Racy photos of celebs are sort of his calling card ... along with the Kate Upton Cat Daddy video.

Check out more of the Lindsay Lohan photos in question below ...

Lindsay Lohan Gun Picture
Lindsay Lohan Boobs Picture
Lindsay Lohan Gun
Lindsay Lohan Nipples
Lindsay Lohan Gun Pic
Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Photo

esses mexicano, eshopnal sei la que diabo, e9 uma rae7a imprestavel mesmo ne9?! porra como vcs vao compara o cara com ele mesmo a 9 anos atraz porra?! a voz muda, ele invelhece ele e9 humano ne3o e9 uma maquina porra. ele tem que se respeitado e reconhecido pelo que fez e pelo que faz hoje, pq se3o poucos cm a qualidade dele de mover milhares de pessoas a canta uma musica junto cm ele, tenham mais respeito pelo axl pa qm deu 0 pa ele na data 2011, e9 pq nao gosta de guns e sim de pop music! UP!!


I think, it is better for to live in a calm village for few weeks and to read some good books.We, a lot of people love u so much...then why r u going negative.Praying for u...


My god will lift lindsay lohan on angel winges fly her to safety from all people who want to hurt her. What a sick person to ask her to pose like that in a photoshop considering she has problems. They have no regard for her well being and safety. May god place judgement on all people who wish to hurt you may you fly on angels wings and recover let god hide lindsay lohan in his arms away from all harm


I think this is sick and it should be illegal! In February of this year my son who was 17 put a gun in his mouth and took his own life. It was the worst day of my life.It is not some form of art or a great influence for all the people who really are that depressed. You should all be very ashamed of yourselves for making these photos!


Looks like Terry is running out of ideas again he ripped off Photog TYLER SHIELDS in this shoot. Terry did the same to GENE LEMUEL after his photos came out on Kate Moss Terry started trying to shoot like that with shots in the mirror etc.


WOW! She needs to get her head back on!


I once had a gun in my mouth, but was escaping my then fiancee and escaped with 37cents in my pocket and a fractured cheekbone along with a number of bruises and sprains. I got myself home from America to the UK with the amazing goodwill of some people who will never forget :) Ok THATS being a hradcore bitch!!!


Jealousy? Really?? What a role model. Yes I'm sooo jealous of a girl looking like a drugged-out mess with a handgun in her mouth. Sign me the hell up.


Don't be discouraged by al the haters lindsy, u are in a good truck ma gal. Jealousy is making them 2 comment al this bad comments. Go lindsy, go,go.


They are not interesting pics. Not thought provoking. Nothing. Just a weak attempt to get attention.


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