Emily Maynard to Change Last Name, Maybe Get Married on Television

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Emily Maynard and Jef Holm continued their media blitz today, appearing on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM morning radio show and making a couple announcements.

First, Maynard will soon be Emily Holm.

"Even though I went on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, I'm pretty traditional, believe it or not, so yeah - sure [I'll change my name]," the beautiful single mother said.

Jef and Emily

Holm then reiterated his plans to relocate to North Carolina and could not have sounded more excited over the couple's future.

"Every chance I get to see her and hang out with her, I take advantage of that," he gushed to Seacrest. "She's seriously the sweetest girl ever."

Finally, what about the rumor that Emily and Jef will pull a Molly and Jason Mesnick and get married on TV?

"People keep asking us that, and we don't even know what we're going to eat for lunch tomorrow," Maynard said. "I never thought I was going to be the Bachelorette, so I've learned to never say never. But it's something we'll have to talk about as a family."

In other words: if the money is right...


I think y'all should start a big reality show......


Listen people...you know why she is in the spotlight...she is beautiful! And sweet, but wise. Let's face it, we live in a very superficial country...beauty is judged before anything else. Those who are complaining or bashing the new couple ...take a look in the mirror and if you are not happy make some changes...by the way love Jeff!


I don't think that she is that great to be married onTV. Kate Middleton was and is a beautiful women she needed to be on TV to get married. I don't know what the big fuss is about her. I don't want to hear any more about her and Jeff. I always said that if you can't find a boyfriend, girlfriend where you live then I think that there is something wrong with you


Emily likes the attention thats why she's talking about having a televised wedding. She should be keeping it a family private affair & not be so showy. She is definitely not Royality. And she says she wants to do the right thing for her daughter. Emily is high maintenance....


I do not know about everyone else but I am not interested in watching this woman take up more air time. They need to go somewhere and have a lovely private wedding and pay for it with their own money!


help me to understand why changing her last name after they get married is news. duh.

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