Jef Holm: Off to North Carolina, Dedicated to Fatherhood!

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So far, so very good for Emily Maynard and Jef Holm.

The single mother chose the entrepreneur on last night's Bachelorette finale and, naturally, many viewers have already started counting down to their split.

But Emily and Jef appeared together on Good Morning America today and didn't look or sound like a couple on the verge of a split.

Holm, in fact, said he'll soon be moving to Charlotte to spend more time with his fiancee and her daughter, Ricki, although he'll be getting a "separate place" in the city.

"We're going to combine our lives and I'm going to hang out with Ricki all the time and become a car pool dad," Jef said. "We're just going to live our lives together and get accustomed with each other, plan a wedding, and when we get married, move in together."

No wedding plans are in the works, as Emily said she has to actually fill Ricki in on the status of her soon-to-be stepfather.

"Right now she knows that Jef is a huge part of my life," Maynard said. "I didn't want to burden her with too much because it was still a secret, and God knows she's the worst secret keeper ever! Now that we can be out in public, she's going to know."

Why might this romance succeed where so, so, so many others produced by the show have failed?

"Because we really have become immediate best friends," Emily said. "I feel so comfortable around him."

Do you think these two will last?


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It is obvious Jeff is intelligent but Emily is not at all educated. She kept saying on TV, "he gets me", rather than he "understands me." I think the difference in their educations will eventually become a barrier for their relationship. Not in the immediate future, but sometime down the road.


Jeff seemed like a great catch. He's edgie yet humble. He seemed genuine and the shying grin is super adoring ! Emily, hope all works out for all three of you. Everyone deserves true love especially single moms, best wishes for you guys! Di


Emily is not a good match for Jef at all. She has no education, has never lifted a finger to do anything, and has not had the best judgment so far in life. Jef save yourself the agony and find a genuine woman with all original parts including an honest heart!!!


Congrat's Emily and Jef! I hope that these two stay in love and move their relationship forward as they see fit. forget the media as they will try to destroy you.


I hate all the negative comments. Congratulations! I see a great future ahead of you. God Bless you!


Good Luck to you both. Don't let anything or anyone affect your new found love. People can be cruel and jealous. So focus on each other and Ricki and you'll be just fine.


Emily, you have more plastic in your chest than my car dashboard.


His religion will not be a factor because he has left the Mormon Church. Once someone has done that, you can't get the toothpaste back in the tube. You can't unlearn the things that made you leave. I'm assuming, of course, but I am also a former Mormon and while I have a love for my heritage, I no longer believe the doctrine of the LDS faith. He has good, strong values and those will be demonstrated if this relationship does last.


emily said it before that ricky's dad is the love of her life.. she chose jef for the stability, money and connection.. she ran away from another love which is arie.. she probably felt safer that my eyes she is a the end it was not love she was looking for..


Yes, I think they are a cute couple. I think they should go out of the USA to get away from the media. EM job is children's charity organizer, So I think she may do great in Africa. She has lots to be greatful for. Jef is a winner in my book. He is so insightful about the wellfare of Ricki and he wants to move to her home town! He clearly is a loving and giving person. Its ovious by the way he acts, Not just because he came from a Mormon Home. I do think he ought to reconsider his feelings tword the church, because its because of the his rearing/church that has made him Jef. If he intends on having a family, that is something he and EM should consider? I wish them much happiness in their new life. I have to say I never heard Arie say too much about Ricki and thats all Jef talked about was the little girl. He is going to be great for them! You go Jef! You Rock.

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