Adele Due Date Revealed: Mid-September!

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Shortest. Pregnancy. Ever.

Okay, maybe not for Adele herself, but for the public. Unlike Jessica Simpson's very public gestation period, which was marked by Twitpics, nude Elle covers and absurd quotes for months on end, we just found out Adele was with child.

So when is she due? Like really soon!

Adele, BRIT Awards

Simon Konecki got Adele pregnant 6-7 months before anyone knew! UK reports say she's due in mid-September, or around two months from now.

Neither the 24-year-old nor her boyfriend has commented on the report or the pregnancy at all beyond their initial announcement last month.

However, UK celebrity gossip sources claimed this morning that Adele will be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet by the middle of September.

"Adele has barely left the house in recent months, so she could keep this to herself for as long as possible," a so-called insider said of the star.

How the alleged insider knows what's going on in Adele's womb, we have no idea, but congratulations on the pregnancy again in any case!



Woah! I'm stunned and happy! Congratz!


Ok people...DIVORCE takes a looong time! Couples are broken up for months-yrs by the time a divorce is finally settled! And if you do your research instead of believing everything you read, you'll know his divorce was actually 4yrs ago!
Congrats Adele, its a wild ride, an incredible experiance and I'm so happy for you!


Adele u are honestly amazing people that trash talk u are just jealous coz to be honest u r the amazing down to earth stunner ur beatiful inside and out never forget it or let anyone tell u different u go girl xxx and no im not just saying that coz im a HUGE FAN im saying it becoz adele is such an amazing person love u gogeous. Xxxooxx


Adele i think it's a great thing and i wish nothing but the best for you. i believe you are going to be an outstanding mother. and maybe you and the baby's father can raise the baby together.Don't listen to wat the other people are saying about you. keep your head up and you stay strong.And for the rest of you people who don't have the courage enough to get a life stop with the negativity because if you were her you wouldn't want people talking about you. good luck Adele. Ilove you.Remember what I said come out of hiding and face the world. Block out there negativity and change it with positive thoughts. Be strong.{i love you}


Terri only a cow thats ugly yourself would say that about Adele shame on you, you must be a bully, Adele is such a pretty lady, classy, and a awesome singer, lots of talent, go suck on a egg you jealous human.


u go girl i am so happy for u i love u also just keep up the great songs please and come back very soon


Sorry my mistake, last tabloid I saw said he was still married but there are other ones saying he has been divorced 4 years. Either way the dates don't add up unless they were together before they said they were. On another note I wonder how musically talented their baby will be.


Ooo Mia good point!! I didn't even think of that. Let the assumptions unravel and only time will tell!


Humm... I wonder if this was why her boyfriend divorced his ex wife. If the baby is due mid September then they would have been together before he got divorced in January. Got to love the conspiracy, but congrats Adele hope you have a healthy baby.


Terri u are crazy! She is gorgeous and glowing! Congrats to her and her family!

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