Adele: Pregnant By Simon Konecki!!!

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Rumor has it ... Adele is pregnant with her first child!!

Adele and Simon Konecki are expecting, she confirmed Friday: “I’m delighted to announce that Simon [Konecki] and I are expecting our first child together,” the Grammy winner told fans in a post on her official website titled, “I’ve Got Some News.”

That would certainly quality.

Adele at BRIT Awards

Adele's baby will soon be rolling in the crib!

“I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time. Yours always, Adele xx”

The singer/songwriter was first photographed with Konecki, who is 38, and divorced with a daughter, back in January. In February, he accompanied her to the Grammys.

That month, the 24-year-old said in an interview that her goal was to have three sons by the age of 30. Guess she was serious about achieving that life milestone.

“I really want to be a mum,” she said. “I better start getting on with it!”

And so she has! Congratulations to Adele and Simon! As for the guy who dumped Adele and supposedly inspired her career? Wonder what he's thinking ...



Well her boyfriend is still married to his wife and if I was Adele I would consider having an abortion as soon as possible Then I would tell Simon to fuck off and move on with my life 24 years old is also a little young to be thinking about having a baby anyway and her career should be more important than bringing a married mans bastard child into the world


Adele is one of the greatest of all time! I am a 47 year old woman, who really never purchases many cd's but her songs and music stirred up feelings inside me, just like I knew exactly what she was feeling! I truly hope for her all the happiness the world holds! She deserves it and I pray the baby's daddy is a good man! Adele is a beautiful woman and I'm sure the baby will b also. Thank you Adele for ur music and for sharing with the world! Let me know if u need a babysitter! Love from Kentucky!!


I'm happy,hearing this.Goodluck to you.(Adele$simon)


I do not want to sound like a crazy fan. Indeed,I was left speechless when I heard that Adele expects her first child,but in a good way. I admire her so much,and I love how she speaks,thinks,even how she smokes. I'm in love with UK's style,but my fav is Adele. Congratulations Adele (Felicitari,in my language!)


It's encouraging to see so many tasteless comments criticizing Adele's weight or her decision to have a child before getting married, meanwhile no one has pointed out the typo in the beginning of the text ("That would certainly quality")! I'm not surprised that such commenters would forgo actually reading the article in their rush to pass judgment.

@ LaurenH

She can't marry the father to her unborn bastard child because he is already married to another woman and as for her weight like oh my god she is so fat that she could do with losing a few stone Adele is a fatso pure and simple I'm a lot slimmer than her and I'm 46


i can't belive it so much love and fun too you and your new baby


Aweeeee go adele and simon congrats adele ur my fav singer hope you hve what you want


Congratulations adele and simon n having your first child together.

@ Rose

Simon is still married to his wife did you all know this Adele should end it with Simon and abort his bastard child and move on


I'm so happy for Adele.. Congratulations...


Congratulations to Adele & Simon. I'm sure she'll be a wonderful mom, no doubt this little bundle of joy will be soothed by sweet lullabies. I'm truly happy for her.

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