Tony Parker Sues W.i.P. Nightclub After Suffering Eye Injury in Drake-Chris Brown Melee

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San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker is suing the Manhattan nightclub where a fight between Chris Brown and Drake broke out and led to mass chaos.

Why? Because the NBA star suffered a scratched retina when glass bottles and shards started flying during the melee, according to news reports.

The baller, who is expected to be fine in time for the Olympics but must wear a patch on the eye for several weeks, seeks $20 million in damages.

New York officials shut down W.i.P. nightclub in the aftermath.

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Parker claims that the club nearly cost him his career by properly secure and oversee the premises in the lead-up to the violent brawl between Chris Brown, Drake, Meek Mill and entourages/security guys/friends of all three music stars.

Parker's lawsuit is not the first, nor the last to result from the night gone awry, in which numerous injuries were reported, some of them serious.

Drake alluded to the dustup during a concert in Long Island last weekend, while Meek Mill denies that there was any bad blood between any of them.

Drake's Young Money boss, Lil Wayne, is reportedly trying to help smooth things over as soon as possible. Yes ... Lil Wayne is the mediator.


Tony will sue the club because they can be held liable. Club can then sue who ever and hope there's substantial evidence.


Chris needs to have his two tone mental craze ass knocked out.


Never knew men could be gold diggers but anyway this fight got to stop coz honestly its nt healthy.I love chris though


He looks like a freaking hobbit. Should have kept his ignorant ass at home.


20 mil for glass in da eye. What a Baller. Nigs gotta stay bout they scrill.


i think tony parker is showing how low and classless he really is. Who does that? Really! Gees its funny the quality of men some women get down with


Less respect for Parker after this. You hang out with classless thugs at this hour and you take your chances. The Spurs should refuse to pay his contract if he's unable to play. The "blame anything but me" mentality is really annoying. Can you picture Babe Ruth reacting this way after a barroom brawl?


Amy He wont sue Chris Brown, he went there with him. They were partying together. Sue Drake he is the fake tuff guy who started it.


Tony sue chris so he can stop the madness,brown has mental problems.U really suing club for actions of others.not.

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