Meek Mill Denies Bottle Attack, Beef With Chris Brown

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Drake's homie Meek Mill says he didn't throw any bottles during the W.i.P. club brawl that got the venue shut down and injured Chris Brown last week.

Meek says Chris didn't throw any either, and denies there is any lingering beef with the R&B singer or his camp. Mill told XXL (dot) com the following:

"Chris and Drake, them two was there, but it's other people that be around that take sh!t to the next level ... Things just happen in the club."

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"I seen girls in there throwing bottles, all types of sh!t. All types of people. I never seen Chris Brown or Drake throw a bottle and I was there.”

Asked if he threw a bottle at Brown, Meek replied, "F*%k no."

Mill, who was hanging at Drake's table during the June 13 incident, was rumored to be an instigator in the fight (and to have banged Rihanna).

Meek claims, at least, that he spoke with Chris Brown on the phone after the brawl and both sides agreed they had no problem with the other. 

Mill concluded his frank assessment of the melee by saying, "Chris Brown be in clubs. He be around situations like this. Things get out of hand."

"That don’t mean it’s out of hand with me and him or him and Drake.”

Good to know. For his part, Drake spoke about the brawl himself during his concert at Jones Beach on Long Island Saturday night ... kind of.

Police are still investigating. As always we gotta ask ...



i feel like drake is a pussy i lovvvve chris brown fuck rhinna y hit n run in da bathroom i dnt get it foh


uhhm!like serious guys drake is so gad damn cool you never heard him fighting xo guys take take


team chris brown till the dealth of me i dont even care about what happen because i wasnt there and i keep hearin different stpries all i know is chris brown is my nigg and i love him drake is a pussy i heard he thru a bottle and rained in the bathroom


Okay this seem much better cause if some people would stop makin false statements and look up thing like who rihanna is dating now then they would find out oh thats not right and i know meek millz for a fact has nothing to do with this and will speak out on what he has seen that night


What in all that is good in this world is wrong with the way these musicians speak? It's not that difficult to speak English when it's your first language. He was born in Philly, where I assume English is taught in public schools. I'm so tired of people speaking so poorly. It's ridiculous, and I kind of want to hit this guy with a grammar book.


Ohhhh.....Now EveryBody`s Cool Cause Nun Of Them Want`s A Lawsuit For Hiting Innocent People


minas handicapped.... these people are fuckin rich they dont hit people with bottles


What a brain trust! Glorifying violence in their music, dumb b'tards take it to the clubs too. Oh well. Obviously we are not dealing with the faculty of Harvard here.

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