The Real Housewives of Orange County Season Finale Recap: Things Fall Apart

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Friendship bracelets, Pussycat dolls, Costa Rica, engagement rings, and cake-eating party crashers. This season of The Real Housewives of Orange County has had it all.

Tonight, on the season finale, notes are compared and confrontations are had.

Find out how it all goes down with THG's official +/- recap!

The Real Housewives of Orange County Cast

Sarah's still being a ball of drunken crazy about being picked on for breaking the cake. Over her. Minus 3.

In two signs of the Apocalypse, Terry calls Brooks "a really nice guy" (Minus 4) and Tamra decides to eat carbs (Plus 4).

To commemorate their five months of being friends, and as a tit-for-tat from the first episode, Gretchen gives Tamra a friendship bracelet. Each charm represents something special, but one heart represents how Tamra's unbreakable. Tamra tells Gretchen she loves her and thanks her for being such a good friend.

And then she cries again. While Tamra needs to lay off the booze tonight, it's a nice moment for these ladies. Plus 10.

Sarah's still whining about the cake and has the audacity to call Heather the rude one. Heather calls for the "heavy artillery" - a bunch of ladies in cocktail dresses and Terry and says it's time for Sarah to go. Plus 3.

Alexis tries to get louder than everyone else to bring about a resolution and Slade speaks up as the voice of reason. There's no need for a resolution. There's a need for Sarah to leave because that's what's been asked of her.

As they get Sarah to the door, the greatest line in all of reality television ever, or maybe just this season, falls out of Sarah's mouth: "Is this the world we live in? Over a bleeping piece of tiny cake?"

Yes, Sarah. Yes it is. Buh-bye. Plus 10.

Heather Dubrow Pic

The party's still rocking at Chateau Dubrow, and Vicki decides it's time to "apologize" to Ryan for bringing him up in her fight with Briana. But in Vickiwood, apologize means "talk about yourself and make things all about how everyone else is wrong." Minus 17.

She thinks Ryan will help her get Briana back, but Ryan says this is really Vicki's problem. Then she says "I love you. I don't know you and you took my daughter away, but I love you." Uh, thanks? Ryan loves you too? Minus 8.

Alexis is rambling on to Brooks about how Jim isn't there because he didn't want to be there. And who sneaks in the door but Jim!

Heather's Drama-Senses are tingling and Alexis is chipper over Jim's arrival. WAY chipper. Way more than just one cocktail chipper. Minus 11. Terry comments to a guest that Jim "grew a pair and showed up" right before he does the man-hug-handshake thing that men do.

In Camp Gunvalson, Jeana's daughter Kara sees Slade hug Tamra and is confused. Gretchen applies Tamra's lipgloss (by kissing her) and Vicki goes traipsing across the yard. She thinks Tamra and Gretchen's friendship is fake and calls Tamra a brown-noser. Let it go, Vicki. Gretchen's just more fun than you. Minus 7.

Slade offers up his services as bouncer again should Terry need them. He's prepared to send Jim packing if he needs to. Terry asks if they're okay and Jim says they'll talk next week.

Alexis says they should just talk now and in a complete douchebag move, Jim asks "really? Are you wearing the pants?" Minus 50. I just can't stand this man.

Jim and Terry go talk and Terry's straight up with Jim. He thinks Alexis is phony and inauthentic. Plus 5. Heather walks up and Jim nods in her direction and says this is the reason he wanted to talk next week.

Jim's got a problem with the women-folk. But, the talk continues. Until Tamra walks up. Then Jim's out. Minus 10, Tamra. This wasn't your conversation to have.

Alexis says Heather shouldn't have even been in the conversation and it should've just been Jim and Terry, man-to-man. Actually, sweetheart, it should've been YOU and Terry because Terry talked about you. But whatever.


Alexis goes out to talk to Jim and Jim's pulling out of the driveway without her. She practically has to chase him down the driveway to get him to stop the car. Minus 12.

The gang's all at the table now. And the booze is flowing. Vicki toasts to the absent Alexis and Tamra rolls her eyes. Brooks challenges her, saying she gave Vicki the "Evil Eye," and picks a fight with Tamra on Vicki's behalf. Gretchen says a fight's been brewing between the two of them for months.

Tamra and Brooks start to argue and then Vicki tells Eddie to get control of Tamra, which causes Tamra to tell Vicki to stop letting Brooks tell her what to think, which makes Vicki stand up and get in Tamra's face.

Can we cut the cake already? Maybe these ladies need some sugar.

Vicki and Brooks prepare to leave and Tamra follows them to find out why they're leaving. Vicki shouts that Tamra's supposed to be her friend and how dare Tamra talk about Brooks and disrespect him and blah blah blah. Get a grip, Vicki.

Tamra goes to find Briana after Vicki and Brooks leave and they compare notes. Neither of them like Brooks. Tamra's crying. Briana's ready to stick Brooks on a plane to Siberia. Ryan goes back into the house to get Briana away from Tamra so that Tamra can't corrupt Briana while she and Vicki are "in a healing phase." Minus 4.

Heather goes out to get Vicki and Brooks and bring them back in for her special toast. Briana asks Vicki for Vicki's side of the story. Suddenly, it seems Vicki saw Tamra roll her eyes and she chooses Brooks over her daughter. They all head back into the party for the final toast. Minus 12.

Finally, we're cutting this damn cake.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Finale Pic

Heather explains why they're all there - shockingly, it wasn't for the drama - she's changed her name legally and wants to thank her friends, new and old, for coming out to support her. Heather's classy. I like her. Plus 30.

In the worst Vicki moment so far, she muscles her way into the circle to say, basically, "Congrats Heather. When I'm attacked, I fight back and I'm leaving and I'm choosing my man." I'm surprised she didn't drop a "my love tank is full" for good measure. Minus 20.

Heather's big surprise of the night - diamonds in the champagne glasses - goes over well. Tamra gets the lucky flute. Now she's got a new rock to match the one Eddie gave her in Bora Bora.

Closing notes:

  • Tamra asks Heather to do shots. Not a good idea, Tamra. Heather says they don't do shots. Tamra calls her Fancypants. In love, of course.
  • Heather's still opening up a restaurant.
  • Eddie asks Ryan, Tamra's son, to be his best man when Eddie and Tamra tie the knot. Tamra needs another drink.
  • Briana says that she and Vicki's relationship will really continue to suffer as long as Vicki keeps choosing Brooks.
  • Briana and Ryan had a wedding for their friends and family. Briana's also six months pregnant.
  • Tamra and Gretchen are closer than Gretchen and Alexis. 
  • Gretchen doesn't want to get married, but she does want a baby. Slade's having his vasectomy reversed.
  • Vicki and Brooks have broken up and gotten back together since the finale was taped.
  • Alexis is happy with her career and her family but not her friends. She and Jim are opening a trampoline park.



well Vicki the face lift did not work,second the new girl she looks like Mr Edd the talking horse,and alexis is still trying to look like she is Mrs perfect,Alexis needs to get off of reality tv.


I've recently read that Tamra is going around saying that Jim Bellino was a coke dealer and that he used to take Peggy Tanous to strip clubs, after church(???) when they were dating. How stupid was Peggy to go along with that in the first place? And given Tamra's fascination with sex toys and exhibitionism, I would bet she's a frequent visitor to those places, herself. Hmm, looks like Tamra used Peggy to get dirt on Jim, just like she used Gretchen to turn her against Alexis. She is one sick little b!tch to manipulate people like that. I hope she gets sued for slander.


Heather sure acts as though she is insanely jealous of Alexis. What does she care if the woman wears a fake diamond ring out in public? Or whether or not the Bellinos own their own home. I just wish Alexis would have turned the tables on grinch-face and started firing questions away at her. Did she combine her money with Terry's when they got married? Who earned more? And give the nosey broad a taste of her own medicine. I think that Terry has a thing for Alexis and Heather knows it and is grinch green with envy so she has to try to make Alexis look bad at every turn. Heather also lies about all her plastic surgery. If you compare pics of her when she was younger to now, you will see that her eyes are totally different. What a fool.


cont, didn't hang around. Because there was absolutely no reason for Tamra to be there and no one invited her to talk.That's gotta really hurt to see your daughter standing against you with someone who is in my estimation,one of the most evil, hateful, and driven women of all the housewives. And when I saw her turn the waterworks on for Gretchen at their little bff jewelry exchange. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. Briana, if you need moral support, you have a husband who's fairly new on the scene and can be objective, and who doesn't know everyone well enough to form an opinion about anyone one way of another. And I'm sure he has your back 100% so you don't need Tamra.It's not as important to be right and have others agree with you, as it is to be sure your not hurting someone you love in the process of proving it.


Heather cracks me up! lol I hope she stays on the show because she is truly the epitome of controlling. Even though I agree that Alexis' husband is a scary reminder of Russell from Housewives of Beverly Hills.(R.I.P.)When it come to these ladies. It's Heather who seems to be the alpha female of the group. And Heather you might want to remind the good doctor, that it is of especially bad taste for him to continuously feed in to the drama that is these women. He gossips right along with you about this whole Alexis business, kinda makes one think. I think if I we're getting some work done surgically, and didn't particularly want the world to know. He'd be the last doctor I go to. F.Y.I.


Gretchen, you want to be careful when it comes to being Tamra's friend you'll be expected to gossip about people, turn on people on a dime. And trust me the 1st. opportunity she gets, She's gonna see to it you and Slade are HISTORY. She knows she has to approach the situation with kid gloves. But it's coming just wait and see. So Slade, watch you back. Your seasons are numbered!


Since Briana and her family will be living under Vicki's house they better adhere to Vicki's rules. Brianna feels she can dominate Vicki. If she's the adult AND SHES MOVING BACK HOME? Shell want to use up all her moms cash reserves and put it onb her. Vicki is not obligated to surrender her fortune to Briana. Thats Vicki's money not yours. Make you own , and then you can respectfully speak your mind.


Lipstick Lucy Gretchen just cant make a facial expression to save her life. Its like talking to a manikin. A little movement of the lips. Alexis and Vicki have more heart than the notorious Bobsy Triplets! Tamara better put away all her wigs and makeup espicially the attitude , cause she AINT gonna have anytime when her ' work out world' business opens. Get ready to be there all day,not time to see if ' your a real person'! . And heather , who says 'champs' all around? Is that the box version of fake champagne ! I wouldnt live in that 'ice skating ' rink of a house. So much for showing off your fully mortgaged stuff. Also Terry, Dudley do right .do the two of them feel that they are entitled to behave badly? THEY NEED TO DECLARE THEIR FAULTS AND WORK ON TAKING THEIR ATTITUDE DOWN.


Briana got what she wanted from her mom. A wedding reception ,and moving into the Vicki's home. Shes so concerned that she will attain the family fortune someday. What they should do is move back to the apartment and make ends meet. Vicki is enabling her. Vicki chose Brooks and Briana , who she is also a guest in the house, should respect her mom's decisions. Briana go make your own money with your husband. Weve all done it the old fashion way,


i love watching these women it's entertainment! but let's face it they are all crazy!! heather is so phony it's not even funny. tamara is just a piece of trailor trash who got lucky by marrying someone rich she has no clas at all! gretchen is ok but ditzy and has bad taste n men (slade)! vicki is just a psycho bitch, but extremely smart business woman. and i've saved the best 4 last, dear alexis! she makes me so sick! she is one of the dumbest women i've ever seen. her iq can't b more than 70, if that. and she thinks she's gorgeous. well her body is great, but the drag queen face is nothing to look at. and she puts up with her tool of a husband jim so she can have the little bit of luxury she has now instead of being poor and unnoticed in missouri or whatever little country town she's from!

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