The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

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Tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County Heather and Terry throw a party and one of the housewives brings a party-crasher as her date.

How did that turn out in part one of the two-part finale?

Find out right here in THG's official +/- recap!

Heather Dubrow, Cake

Tamra meets Heather and Gretchen for dinner to show off her new bling and tell the story. She called Heather from Bora Bora. She didn't call Gretchen. Minus 12.

And minus 3 for those giant blue feather earrings Gretchen's wearing.

Tamra thought Gretchen would be upset, but Gretchen's happy for her. Plus 10. Mostly happy at least. There's that whole "Tamra just signed her divorce papers" thing.

Tamra hasn't been able to get in touch with Vicki because Vicki's spending all her time with Brooks. Ew.

Alexis meets up with Sarah and tells her about Phony-gate. Apparently, Alexis is just nice. And nice means phony now in Alexis Land. And in the real world "nice" means "nice" and "phony" means Alexis. Minus 8.

Sarah says the other women are just jealous. And then she says Heather's had too much Botox. And then Alexis invites Sarah to be her wingwoman at Heather's party and all I see is Sarah starting drama. Minus 5.

It's party day at Heather's house. She's celebrating her name change. And giving somebody a diamond in a champagne glass. Plus 20.
The Real Housewives of Orange County Cast

Vicki's heard Eddie and Tamra are engaged and she thinks it's too soon. Considering she's technically still married and in a relationship with Brooks, she's not one to talk. Minus 12.

Brooks bought her a fur. Poor, poor baby rabbits and foxes and small woodland creatures. Minus 52.

This will be Vicki's first time seeing Briana since their fight. Cue more drama!

Tamra's suspicious of Brooks, too. She and Briana should hook up and compare notes.

Alexis and Sarah isn't at all nervous about going to Heather's house. She plans to demand apologies from the women if any of them bring up Costa Rica. Good luck with that, Alexis.

At Chateau Dubrow, party prep is in full swing. This is going to be a swanky affair. Plus 20.

Terry wonders if Alexis will confront either of them about Terry's comments. Heather says that would be "wildly inappropriate." Alexis, in her conversation with Sarah, seems to agree. She's going to let Jim handle it at lunch. But Sarah plans to call the doctor onto the carpet. In his own home. When she's a guest of a guest. Minus 15.

This Sarah girl is just all sorts of ballsy.

Alexis Bellino on the RHOC

Sarah was entirely uninvited to the party and Heather's kind of surprised to see her. But, ever the lady, she invites Sarah to get a cocktail. Plus 5.

Something tells me Sarah shouldn't drink though. I think it'll be like feeding Gizmo after midnight--Gremlins.

Vicki cannot shut up about her new fur and how Brooks bought it.

Briana shows up and Vicki pretends their fight never happened. Must be nice in the Land of Denial.

Sarah walks herself right into the kitchen to start munching on whatever food she finds. Alexis follows her to the bathroom and says "Your eyes look a little drunk. Maybe we should sip water." Maybe that's the best idea Alexis has had all season. Plus 15.

Jeana's here as a guest of Gretchen and Slade. Tamra's not excited. In fact, she seems downright scared.

Vicki, however, is happy to have her there if for no other reason than to show off her new coat. AGAIN. And, of course, shock them with her tale of how Briana deprived her of her mother of the bride duties by eloping. AGAIN. Minus 57.

Heather Dubrow Pic

Kara, Jeana's daughter, brought a poncho to the party, just in case Tamra decides to throw more glasses of wine. Plus 4 for being prepared.

Tamra, Kara, and Jeana talk and Tamra cries "please just be my friend again." She ain't too proud to beg, y'all.

Alexis should've kept better tabs on Sarah's alcohol intake. Sarah "has a sugar problem" so she helps herself to a piece of the bow from Heather's cake. Then she calls Heather fake and pretentious and Alexis tells Heather she's overreacting.

Except Sarah's a sloppy drunk and she's rude and disgusting to boot.


Next week on the season finale, Tamra and Briana DO compare notes on Brooks and things get ugly between Tamra and Vicki. Finally.

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alexis brought sarah to the party to cause trouble. All very jelouse of one another.


Briana is the most sensible one of them all. Brooks is vile. Hes ugly and sly. She should of got him a head transplant to go with the teeth. Hes slimey. Vikki deserves him. Shes vile as well. Tamras a bully. Her boyfriend seems like a nice guy but looks like hes wearing someones elses teeth! Gretchen and alexis should change their hair color back to the shades it was in the last season. The new color ages both of them.


Briana is the most sensible one of them all. Brooks is vile. Hes ugly and sly. She should of got him a head transplant to go with the teeth. Hes slimey. Vikki deserves him. Shes vile as well. Tamras a bully. Her boyfriend seems like a nice guy but looks like hes wearing someones elses teeth! Gretchen and alexis should change their hair color back to the shades it was in the last season. The new color ages both of them.


watching the 2nd half to yesterdays sarah, you are so right heather and her wife terri are so pretencious. you should of smacked her in the teeth. talking to you as if she was putting you on the naughty step. go vicky dump that old hag tamra jealous witch. i dont like brooks but have to agree , the hag give the evil eye.hahahaha tamra happy she wont be happy till the show changes its name from rhoc to the tamra show.


oh by the way, i now know who invented the joker mask its heather duBROWs husband, terry the woman.... she has the same mask as jack nicholson and the late great heath ledger. oh my mistake they could remove theres . and show real beauty heather cannot. thats what happens heather when you become a plastic surgeons dummy. haha


ive just saw this episode today. how pathetic were they especially heather over a little sugar on a cake. its going to get eaten anyway. and why does she think she knows people. well she certainly does not see through tamara, tamara is looking for friends with money. the more money they have. jealous tamara will be at their side.. and eddie needs to wise up to that witch he is with. the looks she give him at the dinner table,in bora because he did not give her a ring. he should be very very careful of her. and tamara you look geen and stink geen with jealousy of alexis, its you who has nothing, and it will come out you are the leach.and every argument there is TAMARAS there SRTIRRING her wooden witch spoon in the cauldron. ansd heather you are definately 98% real. REAL PLASTIC.


omg sarah you daft woman she needs to lay of the drink everyone needs to leave alexis alone


Simply put, Tamra cannot handle alcohol. In 99% of her arguments and confrontations she is completely inebriated. You can see the hardened lines on her face and snarl in her lips as she becomes wasted. Eddie should really think twice before marrying an angry drunk. After she spews her venom, she cries and sobs like a baby for the nasty words she can't take back. It happens at every season finale. Remember how disgusting she was to poor Jeanna Kehough in last year's finale? Sorry Eddie, but your lady is morphing into a bitter, middle-aged drunkard. All the other gals just look at her in horror. Yes, they are all phony, botoxed barbies, but Tamra is the worse kind of the lot! Alcoholic Barbie will be on shelves this fall.


Tamra is such a victim.... she needs to grow up it's like she is teenage drama queen. Stop being drama Tamra


I can't believe how Tamra acted over that "evil eye" crap. She practically crawled onto the table and got in Vicki's face and wagged her finger at her - what tras - had it been my face she was in, she'd have come down with a broken nose. And Vicki's daughter is just as bad. If Vicki wants Brooks LEAVE IT ALONE!!! She has a right to her own happiness, not your vision of it. I don't see Tamra bowing to her son's dislike of her relationship. And the "bow" eating bi*ch was just rude but even more rude is the people that brought her - HELLO - SHE WAS NOT INVITED.