Pregnant Girl Fight Breaks Out at McDonald's

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McDonald's was the scene of a fight between two pregnant girls in Yonkers, N.Y., this week. Thanks to the Internet and a bystander's iPhone, you can watch!

It's unclear why the dispute broke out, but as far as pregnancy tips go, “hit up McDonald's and throw down with other women late night” is pretty far down the list.

It's also unclear why no one films iPhone videos horizontally with two hands. You could capture so much more of the girl-fighting bedlam that way.

Just a thought. Anyway, check out the fight, marvel at the stupidity of your fellow human beings and feel bad about society but nevertheless amused below:


They will have a man on Maury after the babies come out and Maury will tell both of them "YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!"


This is bull two girls jumping an obviously more pregnant girl. Very classy. You can tell these girls have not been raised right at all. A bunch of low lifes.


I look at it like this...the owner of that McDonald's should not allow those 2 crazy-ass pregnant chicks to come back into there. Ever. Case closed.



Avatar real tho??? Damn talk about being ignorant...ghetto bitches always gotta handle they shit on front street!!!


Don't you people know anything those employees can not get involved in things like that. Touching either one of those women would open them up for a law suite as well as McDonald's. Even more so if either of those women were to have a miscarriage. Get real folks this isn't the golden years in today's world people look for things to sue over and make a quick buck.


"And the staff were doing NOTHING?" You'd get involved in a primate fight?


what a bunch of dumbass ghetto skanks. that wasnt a fight that was a two on one hair pulling contest. which one(s) the pregnant ones and plz tell me they get their babies taken away... ugh... hope he/she is ok...


Of course the employees just stood there. You honestly think they should involve themselves in this violent mess? If they were to do anything other than call police, which they may have, they'd be opening themselves and their employer up for a lawsuit. It's unfortunate that it works that way but that's the sad fact in this country today. These girls are disgraceful.


And the staff were doing NOTHING?

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