America's Got Talent Recap: Lights and Psychics

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After watching a man blast himself out of a cannon and then witnessing an overweight pole dancer on America's Got Talent, one thing became painfully evident last night:

A high level of strange was featured throughout day two in Austin. Read through our previous AGT recap for all the acts from opening night here and then get caught up with the latest below...

Aurora light Painting - First a sand artist, now light artists? The leader claimed to live in a commune which probably was the first question mark popping up in my head, his hair was the second. The performance was interesting, but it reminded me of the Disney Channel promotions where the actors would wave the mouse ear shape with their magic wand. The obvious point was that this really seems like a really artistic telestrator.

Eric & Olivia - The non-daters from the University of Texas had a cute vibe together but it really was Olivia's voice that was the winner. She had great jazz-soul diction. Once in a while it got a bit too froggy, but I think with the right arrangements the duo would be great. I'm shocked that Howie said no because there's a lot of potential in this act.

Eric Diddleman - Eric claimed to be a "professional mind reader" but I think the better part was him wrapping duct tape around his eyes. His guesses were great considering that Sharon was the only one to draw something hard (Howard and Howie basically drew themselves). I'd love to see this trick a second time with a few more bells and whistles.

Summer Lacey – We only saw a few seconds of her but she chose to use chains instead of silks as she did some creative acrobatics. According to Sharon, Summer was also a lot higher than we must have seen as she dropped for one trick. She should join several of the acts this season as a more Punk/Accessible version of Cirque.

Andrew De Leon (Above) - The closet-opera singer wasn't bad. The biggest problem is that now he doesn't have that surprise factor in future performances. Let's hope that he has a stronger repertoire of songs and a bit more confidence in the future. I hope he wears prescription contacts because those contacts could scar his eyes if he's not careful.

Doppelganger Circus Sideshow - Take one part geeky/goth couple, one chainsaw and apple, and a small jaw and you get a silly performance. The girlfriend got a dislocated jaw because she didn't listen to him when he said, "Do you have a preference for apple size?"

Jada - While we only saw this group of women for a few seconds, it must have been for the mercy of the audience's ears. It's called synchronization; Jada didn't have that. Also, four girls singing "Only Girl in the World" makes no sense. Which one was the only girl?

Richard Grossman - The opera singer from New York, who sub-sings as practice was ahead of his song and choked. It was kind of embarrassing. That's someone’s delusional uncle who called Howard rude. The fact that Andrew followed him with a great opera performance made him seem even sourer.