Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor: First Look!

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Lindsay Lohan famously posed as Elizabeth Taylor in Interview magazine in 2006. Now she's all dressed up and ready to take on the role of a lifetime ... on Lifetime.

TMZ, which obtained the first of photo of LiLo in full wardrobe, reveals that she's already gotten her hair and cut and dyed to look just like Taylor's classic 'do.

The photo below is all Lindsay - no wig - and the resemblance is uncanny:

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

In addition to physical similarities, sources say LiLo's troubled history, and ability to match Taylor's vulnerability and beauty, helped win her the role in the Lifetime film.

Shooting on the movie, called Liz & Dick and chronicling her turbulent marriage, starts this week with Grant Bowler from True Blood co-starring as Richard Burton.

According to the producer, Larry Thompson, there'll be many a steamy scene between the couple, whose 18-year age difference mirrors that of Liz and Dick.

[Photo: TMZ]


It's not an Epic being made for the big screen and most know TV movies are not up to quality so for a TV movie, she will do well depending on her acting. She doesn't look anything like Elizabeth but if she can at least act it, people will get the point. I'm sure the script is terrible. There will be an Epic on the big screen and that will be the one people remember being Elizabeth. This gal has had some problems in life so, it's a job and perhaps a new start for her and I wish her luck.


Don't fu#k it Logan do Liz proud.


Gosh...I don't see any resemblance and I grew up on Liz Taylor. Lindsay looks better than she has in a long time. Yes, I do hope she changes her life around to a better one. Maybe she can learn something from Liz Taylor's past. Liz turned out to be one heck of a humanitarian. I do not like Lindsay, but I can honestly say that I wish her a new beginning. Maybe this is her turnaround.




She looks like Lindsay Lohan with dark hair, heavy makeup and a cigarette hanging from some part of her body. Most people in Hollywood have a troubled history, producer please be honest, you want the heavy duty publicity this will produce for the movie. In the end it will not matter whether this is a good movie or not.


People, stop that hating. I know she is not an angel and she did a lot(I mean alot) of mistakes, but she's good actress, if people would give her a chance(she was really great in Bobby and this her chance to show what she got and maybe this picture doesn't look like liz taylor, but it's the first picture, the moovie is not even shoot and people already start to complaine, it's so just awfull. Give her this chance, you don't have to like her, but my god, other people also made alot of mistakes(Robert Downey Jr., Michael Jackson..........) and no one is talking about there mistakes. give her a break


It's obvious that most commentors are not Lindsay fans. But it's also obvious that Lindsay definitely resembles Liz Taylor. I hope she has the good sense to turn her life around this time.


The resemblance is "uncanny". Are you kidding?! This photo doesn't look anything like Liz Taylor.




Fireworks and celebrations! I knew Lindsay could pull this off! The moment it was announced that she had been cast as Liz, I knew she could play Elizabeth like no other actor of this generation. I had noted the uncanny physical resemblances in Lindsay's and Elizabeth's faces; the same delicate features, the same beautiful bone structure (I'm an artist and portrait painter so my eye does not make mistakes.) Now that the nay-sayers should choke or their negative comments, and they will in time, all that remains is for Lindsay to make their clinched jaws drop with her brilliant and doppleganger performance as the reincarnation of Elizabeth Taylor during two years of her 10 year marriage to Burton. I just hope the actor cast as Burton and the chemistry between the two leads is a match for Lindsay's confidently anticipated "Star Turn"


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