Lindsay Lohan Wardrobe Malfunction Alert: Actress Spills Out of Dress on Liz & Dick Set

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Lindsay Lohan is officially back doing what she does best.

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    Lindsay Lohan playing the role of Elizabeth Taylor will prove to the world that the talent she posses is World Class. She is smart enough to stay out of trouble if she tried. She needs guidance from someone she respects..... Meryl Streep available ?


    Unless it's in the theaters, or premium cable, it'll be edited out. I think I heard it'll be on Lifetime, they'll cut it.


    NOOOOO A Nipple!!! EEEEEEKKK!!!! HURRY BLACK IT OUT!!!!! but its ok to watch people shoot each other and bash each others brains in


    Man this girl is dammed if she does and dammed if she don't. Leave her alone. she is working, staying out of jail, staying off drugs and staying away from her dirtbag parents and still gets backlash for a scene gone wrong for a movie that she's doing and getting paid for. Get a life and give her one good pat on the back for landing an amazing role like this one. Lindsey, I will for ever be a fan of yours. Everyone has obsticals they need to over come to reach their greatness. Keep pushing and never look back. What's done is done.


    what a bunch of jealous haters here, except for the one who has enough class to say hey give her a chance, i know people who were given a chance and rose above. EVERYONE MESSES UP EVERYONE!!!! its those who choose to face and own up too who they are and what they have done to grow. At least she is putting a lot of effort forward. Its so funny how some people(jaybird369) think she done something on purpose when they were not even there. Grow up bob, gert,lusty mist and anyone else who has no life.


    Come on people give the girl a break....if she wasnt a celebrity but an ordinary girl, everyone would be cheering her on for getting her life back together. she is trying so give her the benefit of the doubt....after all with parents like hers no wonder she went down the wrong path


    She learned this publicity stunt from fellow tramps Spears and Hilton. They continually fall back on this, their best talent. Now if only the media would pick up on this story to promote that she's working it again...


    Ummm if u really wanna see her boobies just watch Machete shes all out in that movie...its nothing new for LiLo lmao


    She is A cheap DRIED UP SLUT-she made it happen intentionally-DISGUSTING!


    Lindsay Lohan Wardrobe Malfunction in Liz & Dick TV Movie filming Photos leaked here:

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