John Travolta, Kelly Preston Kiss at Savages Premiere

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At last night's premiere of his new film Savages, John Travolta and Kelly Preston made their first public appearance together since he began being bombarded with lawsuits from men alleging sexual harassment and battery.

If the scandal is taking a toll on their marriage, you wouldn't know it.

John and Kelly posed for cameras and smooched, to boot:

John Travolta, Kelly Preston Kiss
John Travolta, Kelly Preston

The duo showed off their love, or their coordinating fashion.

Kelly and John did not do interviews but posed for fan photos and were all smiles as they walked down the carpet and into the theater hand-in-hand.

Both have been absent from the public eye since men started coming forward in May with lawsuits and sordid homosexual tales about the actor.

The accusations stem from pair of masseurs, a cruise ship employee (Fabian Zanzi) and two others from his past (Doug Gotterba and Robert Randolph).

No charges have been filed against Travolta, who has adamantly denied each and every claim by the above men through his attorney, Marty Singer.

Savages also stars Blake Lively (Gossip Girl), Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Aaron Johnson and Benecio Del Toro. Look for it in theaters July 6.



Fag hag.


Oops....commented on both Travolta posts. Ignore last sentence.


@jawny, he wears pink because the whole "man club" at highschool does. I forgot about purple teletubby. LOL! Think he was trying to color coordinate with Kelly.
I think Kelly knew from the start. Still don't get what took this guy so long to file charges.


Kelly looks better than most women half her age! I think that Travolta and the Scientologists have her brainwashed so that she never leaves. She probably blames herself for this faggots behavior!!!!


If you can believe any of this u have to be ignorant there is a money grubbing massusee just around the corner
Lesson learned let a female give u a rub down preferably ur wife. If John really wanted it he would pay for it he's
No fool. Again no charges have been made!!!!


I would like to know why Kelly Preston is going along with this crap,is it for money? no she is entitled to half or more of their mony, is it that she is in denial? no the rumors were going around way before they married. could it be because of the kids? the teenage who has to hear all of this sad and embarrasing gossip about her dad? could be, or the young child Kelly has for John could be. That is the reason folks, she is staying with him for the sake of the children. If she leaves him, he would look guilty in the eyes of the fans & and his kids.


My Title says it all. John needs to come out already!


Arrrgh! Now I'm left with the vision of Travolta kissing a male butt-hole. Coz lets be honest, he enjoys that better than he enjoys kissing that gorgeous woman.


I only mentioned the color cause when the Tellytubbies came out there were comments about the one being purple. Thats it.


Purple is a gay color? LMAO!! My son wheres pink, because real men wear pink, or so his shirt says. I would find pink gayer (not a real word). Not a soul has said boo and he's a teenager. Who cares if he's gay or straight? This is what makes gossip news. He kissed his wife? Him admiting he's gay is news.

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