Fabian Zanzi Sues John Travolta For Assault

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Fabian Zanzi, the cruise ship employee who claims John Travolta exposed himself to him during a massage in 2009, is suing the actor for assault.

Zanzi is suing for unspecified damages, TMZ reports.

Travolta, who was a passenger on the ship, ordered food and asked that Fabian Zanzi personally deliver it to his Royal Caribbean room, the accuser says.

Travolta Head Shot

When Zanzi came in, Travolta allegedly asked for a neck massage, then when Zanzi asked for his neck, John exposed his erect penis instead.

He then forcefully embraced him, Fabian said. Zanzi resisted.

Fabian, who did not initially claim sexual assault, claims that Travolta offered him $12,000 to not say anything, and that the cruise ship management "refused to allow him to write out any details regarding nudity or sexual contact" with the star.

Two masseurs also came forward with lawsuits this spring, claiming the Hollywood legend assaulted them sexually; both suits have since been dropped. Robert Randolph and Doug Gotterba have separately alleged gay trysts with Travolta.

Travolta's attorney just released a statement regarding Zanzi's lawsuit, claiming, "This is another ludicrous lawsuit with inane claims."

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cut and paste this link if you want to see John getting it on! http://youtu.be/5oltmknb3Q4


To "jawny": Your comments are disgusting. How dare you speak of homosexuals in this manner. We don't know people's private lives and should not be so quick to judge them. Until there's proof, don't be so quick to judge celebrities because they have lots of $ and YOU DON'T people. I love how so many love to voice their opinions on the internet and hide behind a screen but wouldn't dare say this on TV or to a celebrity's face. lol


Who the hell is Lisa? If this happened in 2009, what took him so long to press charges? He couldn't have been in that much distress if this is true.


You should see how he acts at the petting zoo. Animals cant sue!


Travolta's gay behavior has been known for years. Employees of a famous golf resort on the Pacific coast would not book him a room if he called and they recognized his voice. They were always "booked up". He's a sleeze. A very rich sleeze, but a sleeze none the less.


Shouldn't he learn not to Not do that during massages?! He has millions he can just buy an escort

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