Jenelle Evans Mug Shot: So Sad!

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The first photographic proof of Jenelle Evans' latest arrest has surfaced.

The Teen Mom 2 star found herself in a North Carolina jail cell yet again this weekend after allegedly assaulting someone early Sunday morning.

Cops have not released the victim's name, but it is believed to be her fiance Gary Head, who was also reportedly arrested for domestic violence.

Whatever happened, Jenelle appears quite sad in her mug shot:

Jenelle Evans Mugshot (New)

According to the Brunswick County (N.C.) Sheriff's Office, the MTV star was also in possession of marijuana at the time of the incident. Big surprise.

Jenelle Evans posted bail and has since been released.

Gary Head's status is unclear, but if he attacked Jenelle has some sources have reported, her on/off fiance could be spending a while behind bars.

The 20-year-old has been busted more times than we can count, including in January for violating a restraining order and allegedly threatening her ex-roommate, in March for stalking, and of course last year for beating up Britany Truett.

Somehow we doubt this mug shot will be her last.

UPDATE: Gary's mug shot has been released:

Gary Head Mug Shot

Jenelle is such a selfish mother she is more concerned about getting high and running around with douche bags its jace i pity not jenelle. And her mum is the only reason that child isnt in care! Send the bitch to jail horrible selfish person doesnt deserve a child.


A waste of air, this girl needs a long spell behind bars
Poor jace


You liberal pussies! Janelle needs a dose of reality! Do drugs, ignore your kid, go to jail! She isn't going to learn anything if she keeps going unpunished. She'll just get worse. And she IS white trash! She's acting like it! So effing there!


@ Honeybadger - what a disgusting, lowlife comment. Are you so great. Your prose says not. This girl needs discipline and guidance. Her mother used to scream in her face so is it any wonder she is now in trouble and mixing with people who do her no favours. Unless she gets the help she needs her life will be one of continuing misery and I, for one, feel very sad for her. I hope the pattern doesn't follow on to her son, but I fear it will.


Its disgusting that the only comment you have to make is a negative, hateful one. Didn't your parents teach you any manners? Jenelle is a child of God, just the same as you are and that alone makes her beautiful. Have you taken a good look in the mirror lately? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes along with being in the eye of the beholder. I am sure there are plenty of people you may view you as "ugly" and unless you reside in vaginas you have no right to call anyone a "ho"


with her being white! Its all about how she was raised by her parents or I shoukd say how she was not parented. Stereo typing and making racist comments makes you look very ignorant. This girl needs help in a positive, constructive environment. She dates the losers because she places no value on herself


@doh- It has absolutely nothing to do with being white. I am white, grew up in a trailer park, the oldest of 8 kids, had my first child at 17 and I am not trash. Nothing even close to trash. I am well educated, only had 2 children, married the father of my children whom I have been with since the age of 15 and I am a damn good mother to my children despite becoming the mom to a severely handicapped child at 17. Jenelle being white has nothing to do


That is cra!


Like it or not we all are a result of the genetic and environmental influence of our parents, parents say no
I say yes. I did pediatrics for 30 years there was hardly an exception example white trash leads to white trash.


All of you need to grow the hell up. This is a young girl, teen mom or not she needs help and all the hateful and negative comments do not do her any good at all. Im guessing none of you actually personally know Janelle or her family, but just from watching the show I can guarantee you that her problems stem from the dysfunctional relationship with her mother that started from birth. Her mother is NOT a perfect mother just because she takes care of Jace. All of you making hateful comments are not setting a good example for your kids either. What if this was your daughter/sister/niece/granddaughter? would you like seeing them treated this way? there is no perfect flawless family so you better watch where you throw might break one of your own glass walls. Its amazing how many hypocritical, judgemental people exist..Shame on you!

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