Jenelle Evans and Gary Head: Arrested For Drug Possession, Domestic Violence?

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Jenelle Evans and fiance Gary Head are both in jail, according to reports.

Us Weekly and Teen Mom Talk sources say Gary was arrested for domestic violence, and Jenelle for drug possession, following a heated argument.

During their spat, Gary "hit Jenelle numerous times."

Gary Head and Jenelle Evans

If charged with assault, Gary Head, a Marine, faces serious jail time, and will most likely be dishonorably discharged from military service as well.

If Jenelle Evans is in fact charged with possession of an illegal substance ... no one would be surprised at this point. It's still unconfirmed if she will be.

In April, she accused Gary Head of abusing her, though she didn't press charges, Tweeting later that she didn't want to "jeopardize his career."

By early May, the pair had reconciled. On May 16, they got engaged after Head popped the question to Evans with a diamond sparkler.

They have since called off the engagement, gotten back together at least once, shot down pregnancy rumors and adopted a puppy.

More details to follow on the alleged arrest as the story develops.

UPDATE, 1:20 p.m.: “Gary beat the sh!t out of Jenelle,” a friend of the MTV star told Radar Online. “He strangled her with a bed sheet.”

“When the cops arrived they asked Jenelle what happened, and if she hit him and she told them, 'F**k yeah I did, I hit him back.’”

Jenelle is said to be “really shook up,” over the terrifying incident.

Both have reportedly been charged with assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and another prescription drug.  


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Im so sorry that shes going thru this I too had a child at 16 so I know the struggles but we learn from our parents and our children learn from us and so on so these abusive relationships and her abusive personality had to come from somewhere we sit and judge her just off of what we have seen and heard but how well do we know her how well do we know her mom her dad her life growing up except for what she has told us thats it we dont so we really cant say she didnt grow up seeing mom and dad fight and get physical and yell at eachother all the time or even do drugs or if the home was perfect thats the thing we are judging I am going off of half the facts and you can say im stupid or whatever but I feel alot of people are criticizing her and they dont truly know her being a teen is hard then to add a baby into it weather you're taking care of it or not just makes it harder becouse things change


@Jackie. shut up, what are you addicted to Oreos? Go away.


again, another whore who got pregnant and famous spreading her legs, she deserves a beating


No, Jenelle didn't deserve to be beaten up BUT.... someone needs to make her understand that she can't get with hurting people like she always does! Jenelle, now you know how your mother feels when you abuse her. Now how do YOU like being knocked around? How do YOU like being treated like shit and enduring endless abuse? Best thing for Jenelle the Bitch would be to be locked up for a LONG time and not be allowed into society until she changes her ways.


well thats no suprise and thats what you get for getting pregnant at 16 its about time her baby got taken off her janelles mum is a better carer for her baby jace anyways


Rachel, Are you really that much of an idiot? just asking..


@ Jackie, My nephew is currently an addict so I understand the hell they go thru, HOWEVER, they chose to air their lives on television so they shouldnt be all shocked and upset when people comment on their lives. Do they need help, Hell yeah! Will they get it, we all can hope! Did they each leave their children to be raised by someone else (even temperarly) while they went and did what they chose to do? Can we all agree yes to that also? I have struggled with raising my children, havent had the need to go `get high or drunk`. And dang sure havent let my mom raise my children (or their father)


Everyone needs to get off jenelle and ambers ass addiction is a disease and people need proper help to overcome it. I am an addict myself from wisconsin and its a hard battle but the only way they can overcome it is if they want it nobody can force them! I support both of them and people need to back off and just b supportive we r young and make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Get over it. Don't trash talk others. Worry bout Ur damn selves! Shit!


Hey Gary, kiss your military career goodbye! I know in my previous post I said to get away from her b4 you lost everything, well that was b4 the update! Your screwed dude! And Jenelle, wish you would realize the only `man` you need in your life is Jace. Straighten up and be a mom! You and Amber are really neck to neck for the biggest loser mom award

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