George Zimmerman Seeks Re-Release From Jail

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Lawyers for George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin, will ask a judge to release him from jail again after Zimmerman's bail was revoked last week.

The announcement comes as Zimmerman, 28, returns to a cell in the Seminole County jail in central Florida, after a circuit court judge revoked his bond.

Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. yanked his $150,000 bond, posted in April, after prosecutors said both he and his wife had lied about their financial status.

Free on bail or not, he faces trial on second-degree murder charges.

George Zimmerman Mug Shot (New)

They had failed to tell the court about at least $135,000 that anonymous donors had contributed to help bankroll Zimmerman's legal defense in the case.

"Mr. Zimmerman knew a sum had been raised ... we feel the failure to disclose these funds was caused by fear, mistrust and confusion," his lawyers said.

"The gravity of this mistake has been directly illustrated, and [Zimmerman] understands this has undermined his credibility, which he will have to work to repair."

They also withheld one of two valid passports issued in George Zimmerman's name, prosecutors said at a hearing. The judge pulled his bail as a result.

The murder case has grabbed widespread media attention and sparked debate about U.S. race relations, profiling, media, guns and self-defense laws.

Defense lawyers said in a statement posted on their website on Monday that Zimmerman, who went into hiding because of death threats after his previous release on bond, was unfairly "thrust into the national spotlight as a racist murderer."

The motion to re-post bail is expected to be filed Tuesday.

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George Zimmerman is not guilty of doing anything wrong, the PEST BLACK is Guilty : martin trayvonski the PEST with the face like my black shoes.


OMG! I can't believe the comments that I'm reading. Why would most of you all think it was ok for Zimmerman to kill a unarmed kid? This man followed this young boy and assumed that he was doing something wrong. If you are going to be an watchman, we'll suggest that you sit and watch until the police come.


OMG! I can't believe the comments that I'm reading. Why would most of you all think it was ok for Zimmerman to kill a unarmed kid? This man followed this young boy and assumed that he was doing something wrong. If you are going to be an watchman, we'll suggest that you sit watch until the police come.


Zimmerman clearly had advantages over Martin. Zimmerman is older, bigger, knows tbe area, has a car and a gun! Why didnt he just leave the pursuit to the police. The job of the neighborhood Watch Captain is to WATCH! He truly intended to kill trayvon. If they were fighting over the gun how did it get off safety? Thats because zimmerman took the safety off when he got out the car! He pursued and killed that kid in cold blood. Now his punk ass is sitting around collecting $ and getting fat. None of that $ has gone towards his legal fees. He needs to die ir go to prison.


Nyesha stfu. You are nothing but a racist. Go run your mouth elsewhere. It isn't needed or wanted here.


Ahh where are you people reading he had pcp in his system??? He only had pot, and it wasn't a large amount in his system showing that he was not high during the crime. I'm sick of that and the race card. Don't be so confident when defending either zimmerman or trayvon in your comments. It makes you look like a fool for believing the media. No one knows what really happened because the media changes the story and people are getting information from these magazines known for false stories. Half of the comments on here have false information that was proved to be false in new conferences from the police. Not from some rag mag. We won't know the whole truth, so no one knows what happened. But really, grow up and get over this race shit. Quit stirring up the racism.


He is not the killer, the killer is bastard PIG martin, george acted in self defence, do you pigs know what it means? fuck off and go back to afriCON don't write garbage you black afriCON the colour of my shoes.


if someone was attacking me i wouldnt care to think about their age just about my own life, id defend myself.


TO THE PEOPLE CALLING IT SELF DEFENSE, LET ME TELL U SOMETHING! Self defense isnt going and start a conflict, getting your ass whooped n killing the person for defending themself n crying SELF DEFENSE!
He started it! You aren't a fucking police, why are you approaching people because they look suspicious? Call the police, keep an eye on them until the police arrives to do what they get paid for. You cant start something and cry self defense when the person in turn is also defending themselves from some stranger walking up behind them late at night! He was wrong and you all know it, but you just don't want to defend the 'black' guy. Lock his ass up!


I don't blame Zimmerman's wife, for trying to have a lower bond, for her husband's release. He shouldn't have been arrested, in the first place. Even before, Trayvon's autopsy, found PCP, in his system the evidence was clear, to anyone with at least average, intelligence, that it was self defense. Martin's knuckles were bruised. Zimmerman had a fracture, deep cuts on the BACK OF HIS HEAD, the BACK OF HIS CLOTHES WERE WET FROM THE GROUND, etc.