Bristol Palin Reality Show Ratings: Terrible!

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Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp was not a trip taken by many.

Ratings for the premiere of Lifetime‘s new reality show were as bad as the quality on screen, drawing an underwhelming 726,000 total viewers, Deadline reports.

The series starring Sarah Palin’s daughter, which aired against MTV powerhouse Teen Mom, fell dramatically from its lead-in, Dance Moms, which drew 1.8 million.

Dance Moms also posted 992,000 watchers in the 18-49 age range, whereas Life’s A Tripp drew only 250,000 ... on top of its universally negative reviews.

Bristol and Tripp

The point of the show is very much unclear, but it will continue to follow Bristol Palin and her son every Tuesday until Lifetime mercifully pulls the plug.

Levi Johnston probably made the right move in turning down a chance to be on this ... you don't want to lower yourself to the entertainment basement.


Saving myself for gino till we get married i'd say your 2or three years late, you r already used up ,way to rack them up levi the kid looks like geo


Somehow I ended on this line of bullshit these rednecks are producing I am gonna look for something to read for years these palins get clobberd and for som reason they still exist( MONEY)take a ride on an endless rolloer coaster. The palin ride I'm gonna get off its ludicrus and I can see they don't understnad why they don't understand why they let the media extort them like this man that's nasty


Bristol is nothing but CLASS. Yes, she has made mistakes, but she makes the best out of it. She tries to use HER mistakes to BETTER OTHER PEOPLE. She's a live and learn, awesome role model and stands up for what she believes in, whether anyone agrees with her or not. She's proactive and lives life to its fullest and is the most fearless girl I've ever seen. You can't say that about too many people. Whether you agree with their politics or not, the Palin's are a good family and they're normal, funny, and not to mention, they're all beautiful, but especially Bristol. I love her. I'm currently reading her book and I'm learning a lot about her past and her family. Ugh, just stop hating!


Well well well well...Bristol's so-called reality show is a FUCKING FLOP!!!!! Boo Hoo Hoo...I am so surprised...NOT!!!!! Most of all, Doug summed it up BEST...Bristol and her family need to go back to Wasilla...and stay there!!!!!!


bristol you are as stupid and ignorant as your mother, that show
is so inmature.and what ever you are need to get a life real life
all you and your family eant is MONEY MONEY, go back to Wasilla and stay there


That entire family is a bomb.


You only think you hate now/Strap your ass in because In time- I'm sure you will have something to definetly hate- do you know the reference?


We hate you. We REALLY hate you. [but you aren't smart enough to know the reference]


As long as the " Black Prick Dashians" are alive she will never be that bad.




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