Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp Premiere Recap: Possibly the Worst Show of Our Time

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Bristol Palin's new reality show, Life's a Tripp, premiered last night, and regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, it was terrible in every respect.

The problem is not that Bristol is the daughter of Sarah Palin, it's that she comes across as a caricature; a TV personality, but not a real person by any means.

It's also entirely unclear who the project is aimed at. Uninteresting and brazenly clueless about life and the world around her, BP is not an engaging heroine.

Life's a Tripp is basically like The Hills, Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of Orange County combined, without the self-awareness of any of the above.

Let's break it down, THG +/- style, and see how:

Bristol Palin Riding

Bristol announces the concept of her show - moving to L.A. to work for a charity, getting out of her comfort zone, etc. - and sounds 100 rehearsed. Minus 20.

Also, Tripp is three. How is this "life experience" for him? Minus 10. Good thing younger sister Willow came along too. Who needs a job or school, right?

Sarah Palin sighting! The Mama Grizzly references The Beverly Hillbillies. Is that what this is supposed to be a takeoff on? We're still unclear, but Plus 5.

Never mind that Bristol is already famous enough to live in Beverly Hills, and acts entitled, like she belongs there, no matter what she might say. Minus 5.

The ladies announce that they are staying in one of their “parents’ friends’ houses” ... which is a giant mansion. Very real and down-to-Earth, girls. Minus 5.

“People are a lot more into their image here than in Alaska.” - Bristol Palin, on a show named after and detailing the struggles of Bristol Palin. Minus 430.

And now for the infamous mechanical bull-riding scene, in which Bristol was heckled and Lifetime was sued in an exchange that reduces all faith in humanity.

From off screen, a guy yells, “Did you ride Levi like that? Your mother’s a whore!” The first part is pretty funny ... the latter not at all. It gets ugly, and fast.

This scene is just depressing, first for the heckler who uses hateful language and took cheap shots and made Bristol look like some kind of victim. Minus 15.

Of course Bristol, surrounded by reality TV cameras, tried to make his sexuality a topic of the debate. What a Clash of the Lowlifes this became. Minus 15.

Also, Minus 15 more for the Life’s a Tripp producers who can't even edit this argument in a coherent fashion. How much was edited? It's all very unclear.

Bristol walked out to call BF Gino Paoletti, saying, “I have a ton of cameras on me and a ton of paparazzi. This is not fair. This is not fun.” That felt real. Plus 20.

Of course ... the cameras were filming HER OWN REALITY SHOW AT THE TIME and she went to the epicenter of celebrity gossip, West Hollywood. Minus 440.

The famous girl who wants to be more famous, yet is too vain to see what a spectacle this is, then complains about being famous? Not sympathetic. Minus 30.

Aside from Tripp being a cute kid, there was little redeeming about this show or its protagonist. Sorry Bristol, but we're Tripping out after watching this crap.

TOTAL: -935.


I like this show. It is my favorite. Hope it stays on.


Whosthe mother sarah or bristol. Bp is so wet behind the ears she sure has a good scam brewing i'd hate to be her and her mom whnall comes crashing down willow stay away from this difunctional duet


Hey randall you sound like a whipped whimp oh bristol I adore you what apuss


Either way you look at it its fake and that whole family don't even exist just a group of media whores willow looks pregnant deprssion meds my ass why do you think she rolling off to arizona ,she'll like I one of the palins homes till she has her baby


I personally love the show. I don't know why people are trashing a 21 year old girl. It's really funny when they fight and I love Gino and Bristol together. I hope they keep the show going for a long time.


Wow! Lotsa HATERS out there.. Guess all of you are perfect every second of everyday.. Any mother who has watched this show knows that those are real everyday problems she is having especially being a single mom of what seems to be an active smart toddler.. As a mother of an energetic smart but stubborn 8 yr old boy I can DEFINITLY understand some of her situations.. As for all those who are questioning Trpp's age- REALLY?!! Wow there is a child who is going to be able to read this at somepoint.. I understand that they put themselves out there but be a human being for god sakes! Is it necesary to critize a young single mom who is obviously growing up and learning how to be a mom all at the same time? I am a single mom of 1child, im 34 yrs old and im still learning! Thats whats wrong with people today. Everyone is always quick to cut someone down


This next episode looks great. Lifetime had a tricky deal in cutting out the Massey Bros and the charity work.Iguess the Masseys are suing now.Two lawsuits in the first week. This is going to turn into LA Law goes to Alaska.


Being able to have different beliefs is what makes America such a great place to live. We are allowed to disagree with each other. It’s important to stand up for your beliefs, but not by tearing down others. By respecting other people does not mean you are agreeing with their beliefs. We all deserve respect. Let’s enjoy people’s individuality, including their individual beliefs and perspectives. Everyone has a different background which builds a foundation for their beliefs. I was very upset by the person who yelled out at Bristol in the bar regarding her mother’s beliefs. I don’t agree with all of Sarah Palin’s beliefs but I still respect her, and I expressed my beliefs at the voting polls/political rallies. No one deserves to be attacked or have their mother attacked. Would you want this? Many people have reality shows today, so why can’t Bristol? If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. This world is big enough for all of us!


Steve Hanks, the talent manager, was hired to heckle Bristol in the bar. Afterwards, the Palin pity party refused to pay him for his part in the script. They blurred his face out and now they are being sued for using the footage anyway. It was all an act and it was a really awful one. Bristol is looking used and abused and the tons of plastic surgery didn't help her face any. Willow looks post-partum but the Palins claim it's her depression medication that makes her puffy. rolling eyes. The pacifier is necessary to make people believe the boy was only 2 when filmed. He's 4 now. Just make them go away....PLEASE.


I don't understand why she moved to LA if she knew that there would be no one around to take care of Tripp, it shouldn't have to be her 17-year-old sister's responsibility. Bristol was the one who got pregnant at 17, NOT WILLOW.

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