Giacinto "Gino" Paoletti: Dating Bristol Palin!

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Giacinto “Gino” Paoletti is Bristol Palin's new boyfriend.

Not only that, but Gino, a former high school classmate, is the ex of Levi Johnston's sister, Mercede Johnston! Hey, it's Alaska. Not a lot of options around.

Bristol Palin, Nude Tripp Johnston

"She may have everyone else fooled, but Bristol gets around," Mercede told Star in an exclusive interview, totes outing Palin's mysterious new boyfriend.

This is Bristol's new BF Gino Paoletti. That's her ex-fiance's sister. Crazy!

"They would hook up, but they never officially dated until now," Mercede Johnston explains of her nephew's mom, with whom she's apparently not close.

In January, Bristol, along with Tripp, her 2-year-old son with Levi Johnston, moved into a five-bedroom pad in Maricopa, Ariz. Gino now calls it home, too.

Bristol Palin might want to reconsider playing house, warns Mercede: “I got to know the real Gino, and that wasn’t pleasant," she says, ominously.

Maybe the next time we report in this strange, quasi-incestuous love story, Gino Paoletti will be running for Deputy Mayor of Wasilla on Levi's ticket.

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Just came from Church. Nobody there believes the Palins boast about being Christians. Actions speak louder than words. Bristol cannot brag about her and Gino being true Christians and then make millions from being on a low budget reality series about living in sin. Clearly they are not willing to walk the walk.


Why not have this the Shalia and Bristool Commedy Hour and leave Sarah Palin out of it? They could discuss how Todd convinced Bristool to name her son after his mistress and how the Johnston family thinks this was all revenge against Sarah and her lies.


Why are you guys picking on lovely Bristol. She just wants to make money. She represents the Republican's understanding of family values.


new title of series: Gino is Laying some Pipe with Palin


Bristool thinks Obama should call her to apologize because she is being called a tramp and a slut and a whore. Does she think that they will change their minds once she airs this soap opera letting the viewers vote how often she and Gino have sex or what positions or what she should wear or when they should have a baby and what the baby's name should be? Some things should remain quiet--but apparently in the Palin household, anything goes if Sarah or Bristool get paid for it. Bristool has even said that she will invite Willow and her boyfriend, Andy, over to view their trial marriage. Haven't heard yet if Andy slept with Bristool or Mercede or even Track or Ms. Tripp before he spent time with Pussy Willow but it sounds like everyone in Wasilla is a half sibling or former lover of everyone else. Little town with a lot of people competing for the title of village idiots.


Mama Palin must be so proud of Bristol. Queen of Abstinence and now showing that she exhibits such great family values. Sex sells. Why keep anything private if it gets you money and attention? Daddy makes his money from prostitution and Bristol is going for porn. Fame whores looking to see whether the Republicans or Tea Party will hire them to sell the new brand of family values.


Bristol just needs a man around. Levi was being asked to do the reality Show in progress but he had to turn the role down because he got his girl friend pregnant. Up steps Gino, only too happy to share in all the laughs and he agrees to do a new reality show with Bristol and it will be called "Shacking up with Bristol and Tripp". That should give those ten little half siblings in Tripp's school class in Wasilla something to laugh about. Bristol makes so many goof ball decisions to get herself some attention and she doesn't care one bit whether SHE embarrasses her son. But boy is she jealous of Levi being able to move on.


Hahahahahaha that's not Gino thats my boy Corey and u guys try in talk shit on alaska!


that's not her new boyfriend in the picture...u guys f-ed up


Boy, you are so mean spirited! You must be a real gem to be around.

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