Bristol Palin Heckler Sues Lifetime, Alleges Invasion of Privacy, Defamation & More

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The heckler caught on tape harassing Bristol Palin at a bar last fall is apparently suing Lifetime for putting the altercation on her new reality show.

She was riding a mechanical bull when Stephen Hanks began heckling Bristol Palin, yelling, "Did you ride Levi like that," "Your mother is a whore," etc.

Palin confronted him, asking if he didn't like Sarah because he is "a homosexual." Things got headed, but afterward, Hanks apologized to Palin.

But now he's suing for defamation, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and misappropriation of right of publicity.

Hanks' attorney, Michael Gulden, says no one ever asked Hanks to sign a release for the footage to be used on Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp.

The video (above) has been online ever since the altercation and has been viewed nearly a million times. Still, he's seeking damages in court.

"He felt this was the only way he could protect his rights," Gulden says, adding, Hanks was "simply a patron at the bar" where this went down.

Lifetime says it has "no comment" because it is a legal issue.

Bristol Palin's new show, which she says shows a "normal" and "grounded" side of her, premieres Tuesday. Check out some Life's a Tripp photos.

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@ Eyes- yes- I see what you mean.


Never said I was a racist at all. I don't support Obama one iota. And glad you're finished with the debate.


I comment on other sites with Warpath, the first person used my name. Would be hypocritical to say stop being vulgar then say something like that. Some kind of game to post weird stuff with others name. What I'm trying to say is that all liberals and conservatives don't fit neatly in a box. Conservatives can be progay and not all liberals are unemployed blacks. Fact not racist. I don't see how you could reelect Obama. I could go on forever as to why, sticking with Romney. Done with this issue. It's all yours to debate.


@ Matt Dillon Be careful, Marshall I believe you have 2 "sharks" swimming about you. Looking for fresh bait.


@Warpath You make no sense. You talk about how you're fed up with racism...but you earlier suggestion that Matt Dillon should jump off a bridge with a black dildo in his mouth sounds like you're feedin' the flames of racism yourself! Maybe you're just a when you think it serves your purposes or ingratiates you to another individual.


So a choice and to be pitied. For some it is a choice, they are experimenting, others are born that way. Pick same sex and stay that way. Pity? Yes because some aren't respectful for their disagreement with that lifestyle. I've never expected anyone to agree but being vulgar when disagreeing makes God frown just as much.
Liberal and tired of both. Racism is the newest buzzword like homophobic, it gets old. I am not liberal, but a tad more racist since watching our country take a nosedive. Obama saying I support gays is like saying I like the color purple. Who cares? States decide who will be allowed to get married. Transparent misattempt by the POTUS.


@ Diana- I'm sure you already know this - when someone blurts out the word racist- especially when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand - its because that person is black- its a knee jerk reaction. To try and curb this mindset is asking to much. They were raised that way by their parents. Gay? Something is off centered with a guy person. They are misfits. Should they be hated- no! Pity- is what they need.


@janet That is not true. I disagree. Its the new attitude about the gay behavior. I have had 3 family members who dabbled in the gay lifestyle. Found it wasn't for them. You might say it was "experimental" with them during their college years and they moved onto hetro relationships. I believe that things can happen in one's life to influence this choice, but it's not like they can't help it! I've seen the truth in my own family, thank you! And get off the racist bullsh*'s you liberals catch word for those you can't agree with. We see right through it, girl!


Well put @Janet.


being gay is not a lifestyle or a choice its the way they r born til peep can concept this reality u will hear ignorance racist remarks by uneducated peep

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