Bobbi Kristina Brown Snubs Father, Skips Wedding

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Bobby Brown married Alicia Etheridge on June 18. But the blissful day was not as magical as it could have been, due to a noticeable absence: daughter Bobbi Kristina was not in attendance.

The troubled teen has a notoriously icy relationship with her dad, even contemplating a name change at one point to create further distance.

Despite the contention, Bobby reached out to Bobbi, a source tells Us Weekly, using a "go-between" to contact his child and persuade her to attend his nuptials. Alas…

"She told them she was not going because she did not like Alicia, and that she was [busy] filming her reality show with [aunt] Pat Houston in New York."

Bobbi Kristina Brown on Stage

Bobbi has grown especially tight with her aunt, this insider adds, who is reportedly "trying to act like a mother figure."

"Pat does not like Bobby Brown and was pleased that Bobbi Kristina did not go to the wedding, as she feels that her father will always try and take advantage of her," the mole says.

Bobbi has been in the news often since her mom's tragic passing on February 11, breaking down so heavily soon after Whitney died that she was hospitalized on multiple occasions. Concludes this source:

"She was really her mom's caretaker and biggest cheerleader and biggest fan... I don't know how she will be able to go on."


everything Bobbi Kristina is doing would not have been approved by Whitney so she really should STOP the BS and stop disrespecting her father. He did nothing to her but be her father. We all can see she is headed down the wrong path already and she is very stubborn


Her Daddy just wants to be seen. let him have the show. If he has done anything wrong. Now he will get it back.


Well, this young woman has alot to learn yet. She we have to look over her. She has alot grownup tto do on her on. She is doing what she fells is right. Let her be, right now. She will have time to stop and smell the real roses one day.


we already heard about this a while back... same news..boring

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