Houston Family Reality Show to Launch Bobbi Kristina Music Career?

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At first glance, it seems disturbingly exploitive: Lifetime will soon air a reality show based around the family of Whitney Houston.

But sources tell TMZ the motivation behind this program isn't merely to make money off the singer's tragic death; for Cissy Houston, it's to help boost the career of her granddaughter, 18-year old Bobbi Kristina.

While believing the series will push along the family's "healing process," Cissy is mostly concerned about Bobbi, insiders say, and hopes this will be a showcase for her talents.

Look for the Houston family docu-series to feature a far more serious tone than similar programs such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and for Whitney's sister, Patricia, to serve as the lead.

Will you tune in?


I think she will do fine if she just sing & not try to please people that expect her to sound like her mother


Take BK to Clive Davis. Sorry, she can't sing. They do NOT need a reality show. This is insane.


Sound like Joe Jackson and the whole clan!!!


Great another train wreck NOT to watch


Are these people insane? This is foolishness. There are more appropriate ways to launch a music career. People are waiting for her. It's already launched. This is about money. Somebody get Oprah on the line. Stop the madness Grandma!


Guess she got Bobby's voice and teeth too. :/


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