Noisy Kid at Theater Hit in the Face By Irate Titanic Fan

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A Washington state man fed up with a noisy kid in a movie theater behind him stepped over the seat and punched the 10-year-old in the face.

The man told police he thought the person he hit was a grown man.

The film in question? Titanic in 3-D. He was with his girlfriend and had asked the people sitting behind to quiet down and stop throwing popcorn.

But they laughed, and thus, one got drilled in the mouth.

"I got so mad that it just happened," Yong Hyun Kim, 21, told police who arrested him at the AMC Kent Station 14, in Kent, Wash.

The 10-year-old boy lost a tooth and suffered a bloody nose.

Kim spent a night in the Kent city jail and appeared in King County District Court and was released, said D.A. spokesman Dan Donohoe.

He was with second-degree assault. If convicted, he could be sentenced to three to nine months in jail. He will be arraigned May 31.

The boy, identified in the police report as KJJ, was was watching the movie with three friends, all talking when Kim told them to be quiet.

They did, KJJ says, but when he whispered something, Kim jumped over the seat, threw an iced drink at them and punched him in the face.

Kim said something to the effect of "You know what, I paid a lot of money to see this."

The man has a point there. The concession prices really are brutal.

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Janni is absolutely right. I sometimes go to the cinema alone and can feel uncomfortable as there are no longer attendants (even the films are left to run on their own). Going to see a film can be an expensive outing and the least we should expect is an attendant to ensure the audience is enjoying the experience. The child should have been excluded before something like this happened. I loathe violence, but I can almost understand how this happened. The parents should teach their children respect. The assailant should have exercised control because that must have been some thump for the child to lose a tooth - although I don't think he will be causing a disturbance in the future. It's a shame it came to this.


Some of these comments are disturbing. He is a KID! He deserves discipline from his parents for misbehaving but being punched in the face? That's insane! Kids make noise, they are learning social etiquette. That's akin to saying parents can punch their kids to teach them a lesson. I hope most of you don't procreate. PS - get a manager next time to kick them out of the theatre and ask for compensation if you have to leave the theatre to do so. That's called being an adult about it.


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The brat got at the theater, what his parents should give him, at home. To avoid getting into trouble, however, the 21 year old, should've spoken to an employee.


I think the man should have gone to the lobby, found someone in charge and ask that person to handle the situation. I'm sure the kids would have been asked to leave and maybe next time they went to the movies they would have shown some common courtesy.


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Years ago movie theatres had ushers walking up and down the aisles watching for problems and had the authority to tell them to leave.


It might have been better to move.


omg like they havent seen titanic a million times!!! he complaining about payin that much to see that movie now look how much he has to pay in court fines smh