Nadya Suleman in Debt at Least $500,000 For Legal Fees, Insurance, Utilities, DirecTV

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Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, says her financial woes are so far beyond terrible, she owes between $500,000-1,000,000 to various creditors.

Octomom filed for bankruptcy yesterday, claiming she has $0-50,000 to her name. Combined with 14 mouths to feed, that's what we call bad.

Fortunately, she gets all the premium channels though. Game of Thrones is not to be missed, even if your kids can't go to the bathroom indoors.


A list of creditors lining up to get paid by Octo include:

  • Orkin Pest Control
  • Roberto Robles Gardening Services
  • William F. Turner Attorney at Law
  • The California DMV
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Verizon
  • City of La Habra Water Dept.
  • So Cal Gas Company
  • So Cal Edison Company
  • Superior Court of California
  • DirecTV

Nadya Suleman claims she has already completed a debt education course, as required from every individual who files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Not that it'll do her a lot of good until she has money coming in (just wait for her erotic solo effort), but Octomom says she took that class online.

Presumably before Verizon turned off her service.


As long as TMZ or Radar Online or this particular foreclosed-upon 'star' gets some sexy single secretary (S.S.S.) to help ME file paperwork and to swallow the truth then I can discharge her debts as she is not supposed-to be in bankruptcy but rather the US Corporation and hence the state-county-city [little] fictional psuedo-governments too. I AM Ann Coulter's COIF. Have these people call ME (maybe Blondie) and ICANN help (except if TMZ., Radar Online, Huffington Post, etc. do not reveal ME to them), Ewez certainly have not 'revealed' ME to Ann Coulter, Lady Ga Ga and/or Katy Perry - might as well get the older sisters or spinster aunts at this point.


So we taxpayers are paying for her hair stylist and premium television....hmm, I cut my own and have rabbit ears for tv reception. If the doctors who agreed to impregnate her won't support the kids as they should, adopt them out so they can lead a somewhat normal life. As for her, sterilization and into the streets let her support herself. If she wants to do it by masterbating for the public, fine. This is a filthy, ugly, worthless pos and I am sick the rest of us our financing her stupidity.




I can only imagine what Nutty Nadya must have been like as a child when she was younger back in the day. YIKES!!!!!


I think this woman planned everything with the doctor who got her pregnant.It's obvious that she is a poor lady that came up with a plan to get money and fame and now we have the most irresponsible mother on earth with 14 kids to cater for,and her claim that she can't stand men is a blatant lie.It's just for people to think that she is anything close to responsible.She has probably always wanted to become a porn star which she has already become.This woman in the next 1 year will become hotter than the hottest female porn star in 2012.Mark my words.


This woman is filthy & nasty. She should be shot on public tv.


Funny that the Duggers with 20 kids seem to do just fine without resorting to prostitution!


spending 500 on hair is stupid, even if it was multiple cuts in a time period. I cut my own hair. People werent meant to be incompitent or whatever anyway. If we wipe out own asses we can cut our own hair. And if she is really going to masterbate on camera for any sicko to see after all the bad press already she should be ashamed. That is called prostitution. Her kids need survival skills starting now.


This is so SAD I feel soooo bad for those 14 children because they are suffering for the CRAZY decisions their mother is making! Simply having children does not make mothers. Lord Jesus please help this woman and her children she knows not what she does and did!


The doctor who helped impregnate her should be paying child support!!! They were and are both idiots!!! Geesh what can you say,this is just unbelievable!!!


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