Octomom to Star in Masturbation Video?

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Octomom Nadya Suleman has vowed never to do porn to pay the bills ... but a video of her self-completing solo could be in the works, reports say.

Desperate times call for desperate o-faces.

Nadya is so determined to build a future for her 14 kids that she is now willing to star in porn, so long as she doesn't touch another "human's flesh."

Interestingly, she didn't touch any flesh in getting pregnant with her mega brood. Woman was impregnated every time via IVF and has no partner!

Hot Nadya Suleman

"I wouldn't even kiss somebody for money," Suleman told HLN's Showbiz Tonight. "I would not even kiss somebody. I wouldn't touch somebody."

Just herself. TMZ reports that she's already hooked up with an online adult entertainment company to will shoot a masturbation video this summer.

As for how much she'll make for it, it's unclear, but it will reportedly be a lot more than that magazine paid for a couple of pics of Octomom nude.

On Monday, Nadya Suleman filed for bankruptcy protection, saying:

"I have had to make some difficult decisions this year, and filing Chapter 7 was one of them. I have to do what is best for my children and I need a fresh start."

One that involves pleasuring herself on video apparently.

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Did she not learn anything from Dr. Phil?


Nadya's mother & my mother in-law have been very close friends since Nayda was 5yrs old. Nadya has stolen from her own family to get to this point in her life. Nadya lies, and will do anything to get what she wants. She will continue to do all she can to do for the attention she has craved her whole life. The end result is her bad choices have & will continue to negatively affect her children. She doesn't seem to understand the shame she has & continues to put upon them. It will only get worse, just as it has for the last ten years I have known of all she has done, by her mother's own complaints about her to me, & my husbands family having to bail them out financially, repeatedly. These children will be in one way or another the states problem at some point. For such an educated woman, she sure is stupid.


I hope she makes a lot of money.


The porn industry is a billion dollar business. Although people see this act of public masturbation as perverse... it is but one part of pornography. Adult films are a legitimate form of entertainment. And it brings "pleasure" to many people. As long as it is not child pornography than what is wrong with her making this video? She is not a woman caught up in sex trafficking. What people need to get angry about are... all those children caught up in the web of internet child pornography.And focus she be on the trafficking of human sex slaves from around the world. These children and young women are being forced into sex slavery. Nadia Suleman has made a CHOICE to do this masturbation video. And for those who find what she is doing as perverse... there is a simple answer:don't watch.


The poor children!! They already have a lot of stigma surrounding their mom, and now she is adding porn. I wish she would have used all of the help she has gotten from Opera, Dr. Drew, Suze Orman. etc., to help herself!! Instead she lied, spent money where she shouldn't, and did not use the expertise that people offered. Now her children will suffer more.


Its so easy to say what u wouldnt do...whatever it takes to feed your children....octomom do the dam thing!


What about these children....? This is their mother, good, bad, or otherwise... They have needs - Healthcare, shelter, food and clothes, and they need a mom.


Ha .....octo mom.....octo-pussy...... Ha....this whore bat gets pumped full of more sperm after already shooting out a few......broke....bankrupt..welfare.....ha now porn.
U know her twat has to be damaged.....ick.....who wants to pay to see her stretch and play with her rubbery nastiness.....ish.....shame on u.....octo-taco-mom


What this woman did, having 14 children by IVF is completely unnatural. After having the first 6, which is already a large number of children to deal with, having another 8 is criminal. She is completely selfish and did this for the attention. She will never be able to properly care for this many children. No sane person would do what she has done. An insane person should not be left to care for 14 children. The best thing for these children would be for them to be taken away from her and put into normal homes. I hope for the children's sake this happens soon so they have a chance to grow up and live normal lives.


The "damage" is done, so to speak. The kids are here and now she has a responsibility to care for them. I think it's commendable that she is at least trying to do SOME work rather than depending on the system. Also, she could have given her kids up for adoption but she didn't. She's raising them all on her own. I couldn't do that and I'm sure that all these people that have negative comments about her couldn't live a day in her shoes. Yes, she's made mistakes but we ALL have. She is just in the public eye and the media and people like YOU all (with negative, mean and hurtful comments) shred every ounce of the article. If you all can do better or think you're so good, why don't you help her. Spend one day in her shoes and then you can judge. Remember, the measure you judge other people with is the measure in which you will be judged.

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