Octomom: Bankrupt!

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Nadya Suleman is officially insolvent. Like for real broke.

Octomom filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy today in federal court, just one month after going on welfare. Apparently public assistance didn't go far enough.

The bankruptcy filing confirms what we pretty much already knew - that the mom of 14 is carrying a mountain of debt she has no hope of paying off.

Broke Octomom

Chapter 7 is the most serious form of bankruptcy, so although it isn't specified in public records how much Octomom owes and to whom ... it's clearly a lot.

And she's flat broke. Her house, which was in such horrendous condition last week that police investigated her for child endangerment, will be auctioned off.

Suleman has struggled with her finances for years, which isn't a big shock if you do the quick math: 14 kids + 0 jobs + 0 partner = deep financial crap.

It's all very sad, and begs the question ...

Should her kids be taken away?


@Truth 2.0--Well, you can blame Obama for the squandering of military funding of wars in Afghanistan, etc. He's spent just like Bush. Of course, Obama's squandered our tax dollars on $billions$ of unnecessary programs and expenses...even for his personal/family use. Besides, I thought his Admin. & the Democrats funneled so much tax money into Planned Parenthood and other govt. programs to keep unnecessary births down in this country. How come a single Mom like this slipped through the cracks? And better yet..how come I have to fund her stupid decision to have way more kids than she can honestly afford to care for????? Hopefully you can see the stupidity behind your arguments.


@ Truth 2.0- I already asked that question- Then I wrote what I wrote. One protects me- unwed mothers Handicap me.


Kids need to be taken away for their own care and safety. She needs to be monitored and treated for mental illness.


You are concerned about the cost of child welfare but probably don't mind that we pay exorbitant costs to fund unnecessary wars overseas, and to pay for an obscenely bloated military budget. That's where the money is truly being wasted. How many billion dollar planes do we need? Ask that question.


Ahhhhhhhhh... Don't worry about her. Obama will have US taxpayers take care of her and the kiddos. Got to help the ones that can't help themselves. She is just one of the beneficiaries of this class warfare!

Wv peach

I didn't know she owned the house, but was renting from someone instead. If she's evicted and homeless, the State will take the kids and place them in foster care. This story continues to worsen daily. :-/


Octomom Nadya Suleman Files for Bankruptcy, Octomom official statement here http://is.gd/bvWHyR


I wonders if her feet hurt. Mine hurt a lots.


If every broke person's kids got taken away, NOBODY would have their kids! I don't think they should be taken away because she's broke, but I do think think that woman has mental illness and they need monitored carefully for their well being.


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