Nadya Suleman Adult Film Shoot: Underway!

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Octomom's first day as a porn star is in the books.

The beleaguered, bankrupt mom of 14 completed her first day of XXX shooting at a porn mansion in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley Thursday, and it went well!

Octo (real name Nadya Suleman) is starring in a new film in which she will be pleasuring herself ... since she refuses to do porn involving other human beings.

She was nervous at first, but got the hang of it.

Octo Nadya Suleman Picture

Before the shoot, producers decided it would be a good idea to screen some porno flicks for the clearly nervous Nadya as an educational tool of sorts.

When it was time for Octomom to get down to business, TMZ reports that she was a pro. A source even said, "She was a natural. She looked great!!"


No word on how much she's making for the masturbation movie, but she may need to film a bunch of sequels to pay off at least $500,000 in debt.



How much could she possibly get paid for a masturbation film? If she had any brains, she'd do latex fetish or AB/DL. The more unusual the paraphilia, the better the pay, I'd presume. Her earnings won't pay for a few months' groceries, let alone the past due rent on that house. And then, too: Where will they all live next??


This is the first picture she is smiling. Must have REALLY enjoyed herself. She's all about me, me, me. Never has been about the kids. She's lying if she says anything different.


So she talks bad about the tanning mom but yet she plays with herself on camera. Oh thats rights when ur shit talk down on others to make u feel better bout urself. Octo slut i mean mom u have alot of bad traits u might wont to keep ur mouth closed oh u cant its n the contract.


Don't be surprised if an undeveloped fetus fires out at the climax!


She may really have "special talent" after all.


@Aaron. I agree man. However, that whole system is flawed. SOO many people take advantage of the benefits of welfare. Remember, there's a lot of lowlifes lookin for a handout. I agree too that it gives honest people like you who DO deserve it a bad name. I see it all the time. Its sad but true. Keep fightin' the good fight!


Ugh...just imagine how beat up looking her vadge will be? Like an Arby's roast beef sammitch me thinks. Whatta waste of time...


Is from drc , my name is heritier esebe i speek frensh : vous est tres jolie si 1 jour je la chance de te rencontre je t ai besairai a mort bizu bay ...


She is uglier then dog crap,she'd have to pay me to even look at her skanky-ass photos.Sorry honey sometimes airbrushing cannot cure ugly.


Throw this prostitute away she do not deserve nothing.

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Nadya Suleman Biography

Nadya Suleman Got BACK!
Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, is an attention-loving, certifiably insane lady who gained international attention when she gave birth to... More »
Fullerton, California
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Nadya Denise Suleman