Mark Zuckerberg Criticized For Wearing Hoodie to Investor Meetings

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This is probably not what Geraldo Rivera meant when he bashed hoodies.

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    Totally Rich & Famous but sad to say Arrogant Brat !



    "Totally unprofessional"


    If memory serves me right, wasn't it a bunch of suites, that almost collapsed the world's finacial system not too long ago. So why get your panties in a bunch over a hoodie. I am not a big fan of Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg, but the whole world needs to get its priorities in order and base things on what you can do and not what you are wearing


    Whether they invest, or not, he's still getting paid! Chill the fxck out!!!


    One minute this garment is a lightening rod for racial a means of criticizing a young man who's been highly successful in the business of social networking. Let's get off the clothes issue and just assess folks on who they are and what they stand for.


    This is a $3,000 suit!! COME ON!!!!


    He's not "asking them for money" he is giving them an oppotunity to investment in a company that will undoubtedly yields great returns for them. Who gives a f$%k if he is wearing a hoodie? If I was an investor and Zuckerberg came in with a suit on, I would think he was trying too hard to sell himself and wonder if he was trying to hide something. They are investing in a company not a person...


    Yeah, it was the hoodie that pissed off investors not the fact that he's been showing up late to meetings if he chooses to show up at all. I'm pretty sure they are used to techie types who don't conform to standard dress codes. What they probably aren't used to is being disrespected and having their time wasted?


    I totally REFUSE to give up hoodies because a small handful of people have been dubbed with it as their own. I won't give my love of rainbows or the use of feeling gay because it has been dubbed as belonging to gays. I won't stop using words in the dictionary because someone thinks it might be offensive. Get a grip is a hoodie...not a fashion statement...not a political is a comfortable piece of clothing....nothing more.


    I think he should have a least left the hoodie in the car. If he's trying to prove a point then go in with jeans & a shirt (a nice & clean one would be great). He doesn't have to wear a suit but he should show them respect. He is asking them to put their money into his business. If he "doesn't care" then why bother getting investors. As for the one's who say oh the investors know him etc.. he's trying to get NEW investors that don't know him. There's nothing wrong with wearing nice clothes anywhere for anything, or wearing causal clothes hence the "business casual" or "causal business" (depends on how you want to say it. Wear nice clean jeans, a nice clean shirt. Doesn't have to be a business shirt or dress shirt wear a nice polo or sweater a dressy t-shirt w/o a logo. He's not a kid, he's a grown man that should start acting like one.

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