Geraldo Rivera: Trayvon Martin Made Himself a Target With Hooded Sweatshirt

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Fox News' Geraldo Rivera stunned viewers with remarks about the Trayvon Martin case, saying that by wearing a hooded sweatshirt, the slain teen made himself a target.

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    @ Mrs. T---Wish you'd go away! If it's menopausal then there's meds for that! Your brief ramble is stupid.


    Ahem! Metro-gnome is also posting here even though there are newer threads. So is the gnome also a troll?? Sorry dumb question. I loved Aziz Ansari aka Tom Haverford in Parks & Rec before but now I ADORE him. I'm gonna get "fuck Geraldo" emblazoned on a hoodie. Wish I had read this before the million hoodie march weekend!!


    @ sound like the angry racist alright. Question is....why are you back here on page 19 expressing your views? You must be cowards or else you'd be on the more recent T. Martin threads expounding on your beliefs where more would could read it and respond! I guess the trolls have their little site hidey-holes,eh? You are pathetic!


    @dandolando- Your getting close!!!! Truth is - ALL Blacks see Whites as the Devil! They see us as the System. Blacks eat- sleep Race! They think we are all in this together! Maxine Waters call " Republicans" the Devil! I'm surprised the Whites didn't catch on! That comment is NOTHING BUT RACIST! Spike Lee- had a near MISS- THAT COUPLE could have been Murdered! Trayvons Mother was saying -WHITES killed my son! That is who THEY IS!!! Whites live under this illusion that if they are CIVIL to Blacks- ALL will be well! Hardly!

    One day- this will be over. In 10 Years no one will remember Trayvons last name. No one will remember Zimmerman. What we will remember is AL Sharpton ( Tawana Brawley) trying to cause riots. We will remember Spike Lee- Damn near getting to Elderly People killed! The woman next to Shelia Jackson ( pink Hat) - her to! We also will live with " THEY" long past 10 years! The Bed is made! Lie in it!


    This boy was not killed by one man, he was killed by the system, by a system which controls us since our first words are pronounced. We have our minds filled with a great number of things which are right and others which are wrong. To be black is certainly a wrong option. This was the cause of the little boy´s death. The system would kill, it had to. Trayvon was just a name, it simply doesn´t matter. He could be John, Peter, Paul or Mary. Americans are a killing machine. Private Bales is just an example of this deadly snake which is at large, waiting for the next pray. The question is where it will bite again, because we all know that the victmim will be brown, black and poor... Think!!!!


    USA has, has had, will always have a racist mentality, some would say culture... and it says kill, search and drestroy anything that is brown or black. George Zimmerman is not a latino, he´s a white supremacist hillbilly equipped with a pistol and this racist mentality. he did what his white chip told him to (waste the nigger). I know it´s sad, but it is simple as this. Jah lives children!!!


    I apologized because I was wrong. I admit it. As for the rest.... never said was trying to be friends. When your wrong you admit to it. That's it. It's not hard to figure out who he is. I'm not commenting anymore about him-them. God speed.


    @Yep Enough of your lame comments, 67! Why don't you just go by 67? How stupid! So you apologized to R and why? Because I suppose you are trying to flush him out. It's too little, too late. You blew it a long time ago! Actually, there wasn't anything for you blow much because he was here for the political/ social issue fight. You know who his woman is and she is just that. It's for real. You also blew it by trashing her. You were supposed to be her friend. It obviously did go that way. So, it would be wise for you to move on now. That's what happens when you play someone. He has the same low opinion of you as he does Neci and Chely. No apology will change it! Game over! Just move on! Don't worry about the "they" issue. There was a specific purpose for that. It's now been served. Again, it doesn't involve you.


    @Katy, I apologized to R and she is not someone I know. He had it right before this happened. Never seen so many people hate whites because they can. You had 2 people ask the who are they question. So to the they person, not Margreat, you told me you knew who they were. WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP ASKING!!!!


    @Neci You have called people "racist" many times on this site, so that's a lie falling out of your mouth. You use the term KKK all the time! You and 67 and many others all run in a pack. 67 admitted to it as much. She told you as well to keep trolling on this site. You make yourself sound like you're black then you slip up and sound very smart and more white. You are truly a douche bag! BTW, that's not a racial slur, okay? Ha!

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