Kate Gosselin Cruise Canceled Due to Low Sales

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Royal Caribbean's Kate Gosselin-hosted celebrity cruise has been canceled because of poor turnout and low ticket sales, according to reports.

The mother of eight was supposed to set sail from August 12-19 at a rate of $1,900-$3,175 per ticket. Astonishingly, there weren't many takers.

All cruise-goers have been fully refunded for the nixed event.

Kate Gosselin Facelift

Said a spokesman for the company of the Kate Gosselin cruise:

"Yes, that event has been canceled. We just didn't get the turnout that we desired and mutually we agreed that if we didn't get it, we would cancel."

"All ticket purchasers have been notified and been refunded. Some have chosen to continue on the cruise, but everyone was given the choice."

The reality star was apparently very apologetic at least.

"Kate asked for everybody's names, addresses and phone numbers and reached out to each one personally," the spokeswoman added.

"It was nothing to do with Kate Gosselin ... we needed to hit certain numbers to make it work and they just weren't where they needed to be."

It's unclear how many tickets were actually purchased.


I was hoping there would have been a "grizzly bear encounter", when she was up in Alaska with Sarah Palin. She could have fed a few of the kids to the bears and video taped it... Cash problems solved.


Keep up. Jon has a job and is paying child support. Kate is unemployed but still living a lavish lifestyle with her kids money. If Kate gets a job, I think that is great, why would anyone stop her. That would mean a job without using her kids of course.


Nadia maybe you are John! Since you are following Kate so much who else would care and try to destoy everything she does to help support 8 kids with a dead beat husband not helping...or maybe you are John's puppet.


A few KLOVERS are showing up....I wonder if its Kate.


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April 13th, 2012 6:27 AM by Free Britney Jon Gosselin has fallen behind on his child support payments to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin again, according to a tabloid report, to the tune of $3,557.06. The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality star has eight kids he is required to support by law, and the Pennsylvania Dept. of Child Welfare is calling him out.


Hummm....all these haters? Wonder if it's John and his posse...


You all need to get a life! If you dislike someone as much as you do look the other way! If she is on TV you could change the channel. If she is in the news you don't have to listen or read about her. Once again get a life!


@Justina, STOP IT!


Poor Kate. She doesn't get paid to go on vacation! She was kind enough to contact all 10 gullible saps who actually bought tickets to see her. I'm sure she's going to find some t.v. show to go on to cry about it. Everything about her is fake. Fake hair, fake tears, fake smile, fake personality. She thought she had it all and now it's crumbling at her feet. I wonder if she wishes she can take it all back and go back to the time when she was a nobody? I guess she got what she asked for!


Kate was a puppet master indeed! Pulling the strings of those around her for YEARS. Quite sad. Her job of couponing is so bogus. Kate is lucky if she blogs once a month, probably has many random strangers making it seem like it is her. Guess we'll never know.


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