George Zimmerman MySpace Page Reveals Legal Problems, Possible Racism

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An old, long-unused MySpace page belonging to George Zimmerman contains apparently racist comments and casts light on his history of legal problems.

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    @ Kiss my ass, You really are a complete idiot. As well as EL Abogado.


    @Tiffany I beg to differ. This case is infused with with racism! Why else did it come to the forefront of national news and remain there all these many weeks? So many black on white crimes have occurred since then. With many? The aggressors yelled, "Justice for Trayvon!" afterwards. Only a dumba** would fail to see there's a deep racial divide and this particular case has only emphasized that fact.


    @ Whitman. Your a dumbA**. If the kid was white he would not be suspicious or dead. And dumbA** it's not a black/white issue wrong is wrong all day....


    He should be put under the jail, he killed that kid, then lied to make himself look like the good guy. He's a cold blooded killer and should be put behind bars for the rest of his life. If he didn't kill that kid, it would have been someone else and if set free he will kill again. He is Trash...


    Polls are showing that more and more people feel this was self defense. This boy was no child. He made a terrible mistake using his fists in a gun fight. He was suspicious. If he was was white and walking down my street and I didn't know him he would be suspicious to me. This is the 21st century. Attitude and boldness can cause problems.


    It's amazing the sheer vitriol that can spew from the fingertips of the average citizen. All this hate and judgement toward a case involving a dead teenager. One who can't defend himself and only his his short life history of a non violent record to speak for him, as opposed to Zimmerman, who despite having a father with pull in the legal system, still managed to accrue a few arrests and charges.

    In any case, I find it hilarious (besides the obvious depressing side of it) that many of the people saying horrible things about this child and Black people in general will be the same people commenting on posts about Diversity Initiatives or Affirmative Action about how there is no racism or inequality and every one has an equal footing! Thank you for disproving that myth in advance!


    I'm wondering why we never heard about the two black teenagers around 16 or 17 years old who threw gasoline on a much younger white boy of around 12 and then threw matches on him? It happened around the same time as the Zimmerman case only in another state, Kansas or Ohio I believe.


    On hearing George's defence the junk black father of martin has to be escorted by force by police for he is a black pig mentally retarded like any afriCON idiot, what this black pigs are dooing in USA?

    George Zimmerman is not guilty, all blacks are PIGS and guilty.


    Sounds like a little hate Speach going on. Zimmerman is not going to jail. Holes in the case you could drive a car through. Now Virginia - mob attacking those 2 people in a car? That's a Race case and the coverup is coming undone! Mob of Blacks attacking whites -AGAIN! Its a shame you can't run your Racist " PIE HOLE" about that!

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