George Zimmerman Photo Shows Bloody Head, May Bolster Self-Defense Claim

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A new photograph showing the bloodied back of George Zimmerman's head has surfaced, shedding new light on the controversial Trayvon Martin case.

Taken three minutes after he shot and killed Martin, the image gives possible credence to his claim that he fought for his life and acted in self-defense.

The revelation comes as his lawyer and prosecutors prepare for Zimmerman's first bail hearing today, which could result in his being released from jail.

Zimmerman, 28, is being held on charges of second-degree murder for the February 26 shooting of Martin, 17 which could carry a life sentence if convicted.

The graphic image, first obtained by ABC news, shows blood trickling down the back of George Zimmerman's head from two cuts after the altercation.

It also shows a possible contusion forming on the crown of his head.

Though the police video, taken hours after the shooting, did not show any obvious injuries, the original police report that night notes that the back of Zimmerman's head was wet, and that he was bleeding from the nose and head.

Zimmerman told police that night that he shot and killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense after Martin punched him, pounced on him and threatened him.

Zimmerman says Martin was the aggressor and that he bashed his head into the concrete sidewalk inside the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Fla.

Zimmerman was treated at the scene by paramedics, then cuffed and driven to the Sanford police station. He was questioned for hours and released.

He was not admitted to a hospital or given stitches the night of the incident.

The photographer did not see the scuffle that night, but did hear it. The source saw Martin's body on the wet grass and claims the gunpowder burns on Martin's gray hoodie were clearly visible, indicating he was shot at very close range.

George Zimmerman Bloody Head Photo

The photographer says Zimmerman asked to call his wife. When the photographer asked what to say, Zimmerman blurted out "man, just tell her I shot someone."

ABC News reports that investigators have seen the photo.

"How bad could it have been if they didn't take him to the hospital [and] didn't stitch him up," Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump said in a statement.

He goes on to note that, "The special prosecutor has seen all the evidence and still believes George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin."

Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara says his client will be vindicated:

"He needs to get out. He should not be in jail. I want him out because I need him out. He wants to get out. His family wants it out. It should happen."

In a bail hearing in Florida, the burden of proof to deny bail, even in a second degree murder trial, is higher than necessary to seek a conviction in a trial.

If Zimmerman is released, his attorney tells ABC News that he has a number of potential safe houses prepared to shelter him. Stay tuned.


@GoTimothy I feel you. This is total bullshit.


@go Timothy, just thought I'd let you know you're a freaking idiot. Recheck jacket color its red, the inside is dark grey. The top of his head isn't bald. Its a flash, along with his "eat being white", dude, if you're not black... your skin goes lighter with a flash. Oh ignorance is humor. I support Zimmerman 10000000000% :)


As anyone wondered how the person who took this pic claim to have seen gun powder on trayvon sweatshirt when he was found laying dead on his stomach? Also maybe trayvon didnt die instantly and that might be the key evidence the state has against zimmerman...cause if he shot him in self defense and his life was no longer in danger and trayvon had a chance to live that could result in a 2nd degree murder conviction...blood in the lungs will prove he took breaths before he died as a result of his injuries...just a thought...


Just for the record, if a white kid was racially profiled & shot by a black man, NONE OF THIS uproar would be happening. Being in this area, he wasn't 140 lbs, the 'kid' was 6' tall & about 160 pounds. Most of the pics shown of him are from when he was 13. Who's trying to sway what now? The kid was also serving a 10-day suspension from school - his third suspension, THAT is why he was with his father, something his mother routinely avoids answering, because then her son would no longer be such "a good boy".


I guess his lawyer is going on a PR offensive. First with the faux apology and now this. Its an attempt to influence the jury pool, maybe neutralise the negative perception with which Zimmerman is generally held. Its not working!! They need to release medical records of that "broken nose" being reset, if they are serious about their PR. Or atleast state clearly what hospital he was attended at to straighten the bone.


no you are wrong BOB,the dispatcher clearley said you need to stay there,zimmerman says F---ing coon,and he was ask again was he following,zimmerman says yes,then the dispatcher says WE DONT NEED YOU TO DO THAT,police was on their way.all this info is there listen to it,before you post things that are wrong.


I think alot of your answers will come in discovery Johnny. You failed to mention the vast difference in their height. It is important in the scenario you have.


They cut my comment off.Zimmerman had on a red jacket over a light gray tee-shirt.Trayvon had on a dark gray hoodie.Zimmerman took off his red jacket to avoid getting blood on it or for a fight.Zimmerman subdues 140lb Trayvon very easily,it is zimmerman on top not Trayvon.911 caller John said the person on the bottom is wearing red I think.Female 911 caller said the person on top had on a white tee-shirt.Trayvon=dark gray hoodie,Zimmerman without red jacket=light gray tee-shirt.Zimmerman shoots Trayvon on top of the jacket,rolls him off to retrieve jacket.Trayvon was shot in the chest yet found face down.Zim puts on the jacket,911 caller John looks out window and sees man in red standing,believes he was on the bottom.


The problem here is the appearance that justice is not administered fairly when it comes to people of color. When was the last time you heard that the chief of police showed up at a shooting scene? When you get a concealed weapons permit, they teach you that you can not have alcohol and carry your gun? What was George zimmermans blood alcohol level at the time of the shooting? The point is we don't know because the tests were not done. They tested the blood of Trevan Martin and kept his body for 3 days with out notifying the parents? Why? Why was his gun and clothes not kept for analysis? Why did the police chief not reprimand those officers for not doing their job fully on the scene? Because black life is less valuable and George zimmerman's father is a judge. Corrupt, corrupt, unjust.


The truth shall set you free......

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